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New Jersey Singles Reviews 5 Warning Signs She’s Using You

Men tend to believe that the more they invest in a woman, the more she’ll appreciate and love him back. Sadly, even though you could be dropping a lot of money on her and giving her all the attention in the world, it doesn’t mean she feels the same way about you. Watch out for these telltale warning signs from our matchmakers that let you know you are being used by your new love interest.

If she is using you, put a stop to things before they get worse. When we mean worse, we mean you continue to fall more in love while she treats you like trash.

So let’s get right to it so you can learn to recognize the undeniable warning signs so you can put an end to things before you get hurt any worse.

Today, New Jersey Singles reviews the top five signs she’s just using you.

nj dating site for women

  1. You feel incomplete.

When you’re around her, you feel like something isn’t right. You feel like something is missing, as if you’re not complete. Obviously, this is because she’s not showing you any emotion or investment. This is why you’re doing all of this. You want to please her and make her fall for you. Unfortunately, your plan has backfired on you.

  1. She runs everything.

You’re feeling like you’re doing all the work in the relationship, and that’s because you are. You’re going above and beyond to please her, yet she never does anything in return. We wouldn’t call this a healthy relationship, would you?

If she’s the one holding all the power in the relationship, it doesn’t mean she’s using you, but it does show that you’re in an unhealthy relationship. A relationship has two people in it, not just one. You should both be putting in equal efforts when it comes to your relationship. If not, it’s going to lead to resentment down the road.

  1. You’re her shoulder and provide support.

If she needs emotional support, you’re the shoulder she runs to. Most of the conversations are about her life and all her problems. But what happens when you have a problem? Does she sit there with you and listen to you vent? If she’s only patient when she shares her problems with you, then it’s no longer a two-way-street – and one of the clearest signs she’s just using you.

  1. She only spends time with you at a certain time each day.

This sounds weird, but have you noticed that she only spends time with you before the evening or only after 9 PM? It’s strange behavior, but it completely make sense. If it’s after 9 PM, she may only see you as a booty call and doesn’t want to invest more of her time into you.

She’s not interested in spending her time with you on a regular basis but rather on a schedule that works for her.

  1. You’re afraid to say to no to her.

It’s strange, but when you’re in a one-sided relationship and your partner is controlling you, you’re afraid to say no to them. You worry about how they’ll react and what the punishment will be. But this is simply a form of manipulation. If you’re experiencing these feelings in your relationship, then you need to reevaluate where you stand with her. Relationships are all about compromise and give and take, and if you’re the one who’s always doing all the giving, then you’re not in a happy or healthy relationship.

Just because you’re not being used for money, doesn’t mean you’re not being used. A woman can use you for much more than money. If you recognize any of these five signs in your new relationship, then it’s time you take a step back and really evaluate where you stand. Nobody deserves to be used in the game of love.

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