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New Jersey Singles Reviews 8 Signs She Wants a Relationship

What can we say about dating? It’s a lot of work. All the texting, what to talk about, when to say it, the ghosting, first date silences, the awkward first kiss, and everything else that frustrates us, dating is very challenging. But if you’re reading this dating blog, you probably know that firsthand. But once you get past all the small talk and the getting to know each other stage, you enter a phase where you want to take things to the next level.

This will be a very nerve-wracking moment for you. Being vulnerable is scary, but if you want a relationship, you have to be vulnerable.

singl women in new jersey

Signs She Wants a Relationship with You

We’re strong advocates of being open and honest about dating, but not every woman will come out and tell you what she wants and how she feels. You need to know what signs to look for that will tell you she wants a relationship with you. Trust us, there will be plenty of signs. While some of them might be subtle, they will be there.

Read on as New Jersey Singles reviews the signs she wants an exclusive relationship with you and make your dating life that much easier.

  1. You Met Her Friends

This is a big sign she’s interested in you. If she invites you out with her friends, she’s pretty much testing you. She’s showing you off to her group for their approval. If the two of you were just buddies, her friends might know about you, but she wouldn’t bring you around. If you’re important, you will meet all her friends and hang out with them regularly.

  1. She Spends Her Free Time with You

Now we’re not just talking about Saturday nights when she’s free. We’re talking about the weekdays when she has a busy schedule. If someone takes time to see you, and it’s for more than sex, that really means something. She is sacrificing her free time to spend with you.

3. She’s Touchy

This is one of those subtle signs we mentioned earlier. Now we don’t mean that she’s all over you and kissing you. That’s not the touchy we’re talking about here. We’re talking about when she touches your arm when she laughs or fixes your hair if she notices it’s out of place. Touch is a huge indicator of her feelings for you, so pay attention to those little gestures.

  1. She Is a Good Listener

There’s a difference between a woman you’re casually dating and a woman who wants something more with you, and that difference is in the ears. If a woman really likes you, she’ll spend time talking to you and getting to know you better. She’ll remember where you work, your hobbies and interests, and even your friends’ names. Plus, she’ll be trying to gauge if you fit in with her lifestyle and vice versa.

  1. She Wants to Help You

Women can express their feelings for men in different ways, and one of them is through helping you. She might surprise you by preparing your favorite meal after work or help you run errands when you’re feeling sick. These non-verbal actions show that she cares for you.

  1. She Remembers the Little Things

Trust us, women have a lot of things going on in their minds, so if she remembers your favorite coffee, ice-cream, or Netflix show, it means something. Remembering the little things shows that she listens to the things that make you happy.

  1. She Introduces You to Her Family

If she “accidentally” runs into her family at the mall or invites you over to her family’s house, it’s a sign she’s really into you. This is beyond introducing you to her group of friends, it’s her family. This is perhaps the biggest indicator she wants a relationship with you. Why else would she be bringing you home to meet her family?

  1. She Opens Up to You

Opening up to someone and making yourself vulnerable is terrifying for many because it puts you in a position to get hurt. If she’s talking about her feelings and desires, it means she likes you as more than just a friend. She is obviously comfortable with you and wants to be in a relationship.

Now that you know the top eight signs she wants a relationship with you, are things matching up? If so, what are you doing here? Go and get her, the clock is ticking!

If you’re struggling to meet relationship-minded women on your own, contact our expert matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service and let us do the matching for you. Call 1 (888) 417-0020 to book your 100% FREE, in-depth matchmaking consultation and start meeting single women in New Jersey who are compatible with you!



single women in new jersey

New Jersey Singles Reviews 6 Signs of a Healthy Relationship

Getting into a new relationship is so exciting. There’s a rush of feelings that can sometimes blind us and make us unable to see major red flags. So how do you know you’re in the right relationship? Our New Jersey Singles matchmakers are here to help you with that.

Today, New Jersey Singles reviews the telltale signs you’re in a happy, healthy, and fulfilling relationship. If you notice these signs, never let your amazing partner go!

single women in new jersey

  1. Things that used to bother you no longer do.

Even before you start an exclusive relationship with someone, you notice little things about them that get to you. Whether it’s the way they dress, say things, or just their bad habits, you picked up on a few things that slightly annoyed you. As dating experts, we know these things can become a huge issue. But if you’re in the right relationship, these things won’t matter that much anymore. On the other hand, if you’re with the wrong person, these things will drive you nuts.

  1. Jealousy doesn’t exist.

This is especially true for people who get jealous easily. Whether you want to admit it or not, everyone gets jealous from time to time. Maybe you’re the jealous type and don’t like when your partner talks to the opposite sex. Or maybe they’re the jealous type and don’t like you to hang out with the opposite sex. In a healthy relationship, jealousy is a thing of the past because both partners trust each other fully. You both know the other is loyal and faithful.

  1. You don’t feel insecure.

Unless you’re a highly confident woman who never worries about her looks, then you’re undoubtedly going to feel insecure at times. Unfortunately, this insecurity can affect your relationship. Insecurities can quickly put you in a bad mood, make you act weird, and turn your partner off. However, when you’re in the right relationship, you no longer feel insecure. You actually start to feel more comfortable and stop worrying about your imperfections. After all, your partner loves you, flaws and all.

  1. You rarely fight.

If you’re always fighting and arguing with your partner, this is an unhealthy and toxic relationship. Maybe you both need to work on your own problems before you get in a relationship. When all you do is argue, then you know it’s not the right relationship. If you and your partner rarely argue but rather talk things out the mature way, then you’re in a healthy and happy relationship.

  1. You don’t worry about the future.

One major problem when starting a new relationship is the uncertainty it brings. Even when you’re over-the-moon happy for the first few months, you still worry about what it will be like down the road. If you’re extremely attached to your partner, the thought of them leaving you can scare you to death. But don’t worry because you won’t have those fears with the right person. You will feel secure knowing that they will never leave your side. The future is the least of your worries when you’re in a healthy relationship. However, when you’re in an unhealthy and toxic one, that’s all you think about.

  1. You’re not just partners – you’re best friends.

While no one can replace your gal pals (nor should you let that happen), in a healthy relationship, your partner is also your best friend—someone who will not only be there for the happy times, but through thick and thin. That’s how you know it’s meant to be.

Don’t let the early stages of a relationship cloud your vision and make you unable to see those serious red flags. Instead of wasting your time with the wrong guy, learn to spot the signs of a healthy relationship to ensure you’re in one.

If you’re single and looking to meet relationship-minded singles in New Jersey, contact the best matchmaking service in NJ and let our professional matchmakers do the matching for you. Call 1 (888) 417-0020 to book your 100% FREE, in-depth matchmaking consultation today!

single women in new jersey

New Jersey Singles Reviews How to Stop Dating the Wrong Men

Does it feel like you always end up with Mr. Wrong? Dating the wrong guys is a waste of your precious time. In this dating blog, our New Jersey Singles matchmakers are going to show you some surefire tips to stop dating Mr. Wrong.

Every woman has dated at least one wrong guy in her life. But it can get seriously annoying when you keep falling for Mr. Wrong time and time again. You know what it’s like: he seems to be so great but turns out to be all wrong. Or he’s super good looking but doesn’t know how to be in a relationship. You want to change him and make him better, but you’ll never be able to do that. Either way, you’re wasting your precious time and missing out on your opportunity to find your Mr. Right.

But don’t fret, there’s a way to break out of this vicious cycle and train your mind to stop falling for Mr. Wrong. Today, New Jersey Singles reviews expert tips to stop attracting the wrong guys.

single women in new jersey

  1. Listen to your intuition.

How did you feel about previous guys you dated? Did you listen to your intuition or go against it? Chances are, you went against it. Your intuition is never wrong. If you have a little feeling in your belly that something isn’t right, chances are it isn’t right. If your intuition is telling you that he’s lying or that something just doesn’t add up, guess what? It’s right. Don’t ever second guess your intuition—it’s there for a reason.

  1. Figure out what you want.

One of the main reasons women end up dating the wrong guys is because they have no idea what they want in a partner. If you don’t know what you want in a partner, you’re going to end up dating the wrong guy again and again. If you don’t identify what you want, how do you expect to find a good guy?

Dating and finding the right guy becomes a lot easier when you have a clear idea what you want in a man. So before you waste your precious time talking to another guy who is only going to disappoint you down the road, write down all the traits and characteristics you desire in a man and only pursue guys with those traits.

  1. Be patient.

Nothing good ever came from rushing a relationship—nothing good. The key to being successful in dating and attracting the right guys is practicing patience. Otherwise, you look desperate. And when you’re desperate, you end up attracting the wrong guys. So slow it down a little and take some time to find Mr. Right.

  1. Identify your values.

Not only should you have a clear idea of what you want in a man, but you should also know your own values. A lot of women don’t do this because they don’t realize how important it is to meet the right guy. If you don’t know what’s important to you, you’ll always end up falling for the wrong guys. For example, if health is important for you, then why pick up men at a fast-food joint? If family is important to you, then why bother looking for men at the bar?

  1. Look at his past.

A guy’s past can tell you a lot about him. If he’s known to be a cheater, then chances are he’ll cheat on you. If he’s never been in a long-term relationship, that’s a red flag he’s not ready to commit. If he parties, drinks, and does drugs on the weekend, how could you have a family with him? Before you dive into a relationship, take some time to review his history, as it will tell you everything you need to know.

Ladies, it’s time you stop attracting the wrong guys by following these simple tips from our New Jersey Singles matchmakers.

If you’re tired of attracting Mr. Wrong, call us today and let us introduce you to Mr. Right. Call 1 (888) 417-0020 to book your 100% FREE, in-depth matchmaking consultation today. We’ll only introduce you to quality single men in New Jersey who are relationship-ready and perfect for you!


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New Jersey Singles Reviews How to Know He’s Worthy of You

Want to know if the new man in your life is worthy of your time and efforts? In this dating blog, our New Jersey matchmakers will look at ways you can find out.

If you’ve been here before, you know how it goes: no matter how much sweet talking he does, no matter how charming he appears, it doesn’t mean anything unless he’s worthy of dating. Some relationships start off so well. Before you know it, you fall head over heels for him. Then he changes, and his true colors come out. And by then it’s too late. Fortunately for you, there are a few ways you can spot if a guy is worthy or not, and that’s what we’re going to help you figure out today.

Today, New Jersey Singles reviews how to know if the new guy in your life is worthy of your love.

single women in new jersey

1. He replies to your texts in a timely manner.

It might seem like a trivial thing, but this is actually very important. If a man can’t be bothered to reply to your texts, that’s not a good sign. If a guy is truly interested in you and genuinely wants to have a relationship, then, trust us, he’ll reply fast and look forward to hearing from you.

If the new guy in your life doesn’t reply to your texts or ignores them, that tells you he doesn’t respect you, which is a major red flag. It also suggests that he doesn’t care about dating you.

If the new guy in your life doesn’t reply to your texts or ignores them, that tells you he doesn’t respect you, which is a major red flag. It also suggests that he doesn’t care about dating you.

If the new guy in your life doesn’t reply to your texts or ignores them, that tells you he doesn’t respect you, which is a major red flag. It also suggests that he doesn’t care about dating you.

2. He sticks to his promises.

Ladies, there’s nothing worse than being with a flake—someone who says one thing and does another. You need a loyal man who has integrity and sticks to his word.

A real man makes a promise and delivers, each and every time. Sometimes he’ll even overdeliver, but that’s because he wants to impress you. If you’re dating a guy who makes promises but never comes through, then you know he’s not worthy of dating you. So the next time he makes a promise and doesn’t come through, kick him to the curb.

3. He’s good with his money.

For the sake of your future and your bank account, you need a man who is good with money. If he’s careful with his finances and knows how to save money for a rainy day, he’s a keeper and will be a great partner in a long-term relationship.

4. He listens to you.

Not only does he like asking for your opinion, but he also listens to everything you have to say. You already know how most guys are, they act like they’re listening but aren’t really paying attention. They’re scrolling through their phone looking at pictures on social media and get angry when you interrupt them. If a guy is worthy of dating you, he’ll absorb every word you say. He won’t disrespect you by being distracted all the time.

5. He puts you first.

A lot of times, women are used to coming second, third, or even fourth in a man’s life. But when a good guy comes along, she’ll always be put first. Look, we understand, guys are busy and have many things going on in their life. But when they put football, drinking with the guys, or whatever else before their woman, it’s annoying, right? It certainly doesn’t make you feel special. If you’re dating a man who makes you his number one priority, then he’s worthy of dating you.

So how does your man measure up? Is he a good guy? Is he worthy of dating you? Or did this article make you realize he’s not worthy of your time?

If you’re having a hard time meeting relationship-worthy men, contact us today and let our New Jersey matchmaking experts help you find him. Really, we have a large database of quality single men in New Jersey who are ready and eager to be in a meaningful relationship with a great catch like you! Call 1 (888) 417-0020 to book your 100% FREE, in-depth matchmaking consultation today.





single women in new jersey

New Jersey Singles Reviews 5 Tips to Get Back to Dating in NJ

Been out of the New Jersey dating scene for a little while? Worried about starting all over again? Starting from zero can be very difficult. In this blog, our New Jersey matchmakers reveal our biggest dating secrets to get back in the NJ dating scene.

Dating is both fun and absolutely terrifying at the same time. Of course, you know this all too well because that’s the reason you took a break in the first place. The bars and clubs are full of the same people, and the same goes for online dating sites. You’ve already swiped over those faces many times before. Then, there are the dates themselves—those disastrous dates that make you never want to date again. The losers, clingers, and players make you never want to date for the rest of your life. Are we getting this right?

But if you want to find love, you have to get back to dating, which is the reason you’re here today. So let’s not waste another second. Read on, as New Jersey Singles reviews the best tips for getting back to dating with ease and excitement.

single women in new jersey

1. Know what you want.

One of the main reasons you’re not successful when it comes to dating is because you don’t have a clue what you want in a partner. Consequently, you end up dating the wrong people. Unless you have a clear idea of what you want, it’s always going to be hard to have a successful dating life. You’ll constantly go from bad date to bad date, wasting your precious time. So before you jump back to the dating scene, take a few minutes to write down all the traits and characteristics you desire in a partner.

2. Take your time.

What’s the rush? If things didn’t work out last time because you rushed things along, then it might be time to hit the brakes this time around. Don’t be pressured into going on a date unless you have feelings for them. Don’t hurry things along out of fear you’ll be left on the shelf. This time around you must take your time and avoid rushing things along.

3. Ask friends to set you up.

Your friends know you very well and might have a few people they can set you up with. Ask around, because you might be surprised. Being set up by friends who know you well will improve the chances of having a good date. Let’s face it, it’s a much better option than taking a gamble with someone you meet at the bar or club—or worse, online dating site.

4. Practice your flirting skills.

The key to becoming a successful dater is being a good flirt. If you can flirt like a pro, you’re halfway there. However, if you’ve been out of the dating scene for a while, then chances are your flirting skills are a little rusty. If that’s the case, practice flirting with anyone who sparks your interest. Practice with friends on social media, practice with friends on coffee dates, practice with colleagues—practice, practice, practice. Sharpen your flirting skills as much as possible, as this will help you ease your way back to dating and make you more desirable when you finally do find someone who catches your eye.

5. Go out with friends.

Now that you’re ready to get back to the NJ dating scene it’s time to go to the right places with your friends. Gather your friends and head out for a night on the town. Wear your sexiest clothes, make yourself look irresistible, and see what’s out there. Even if you don’t meet your soul mate, you’ll still have a blast.

Follow these five dating tips from our New Jersey matchmakers and slowly ease your way back into the NJ dating scene. If you’re having a hard time meeting quality singles on your own, contact our professional matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service. Call 1 (888) 417-0020 to book your 100% FREE, in-depth matchmaking consultation today.

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New Jersey Singles Reviews 5 Signs He Takes You for Granted

No woman in the world wants to feel unappreciated. Your efforts should be recognized by the man in your life, and he should be showering you with affection, love, and gratitude. But what if you don’t know if you’re being taken for granted? Love has the ability to make women blind. You might fall for someone you believe is perfect for you, and no matter what they do, you’ll write it off as nothing because you simply believe he’s incapable of doing anything wrong.

However, this can cause you strike without knowing why. The reason for your heartache is because he’s taking you for granted.

Your man doesn’t appreciate you and everything you do for him. If you’re not sure if your partner is treating you the way you deserve, our matchmakers are here to help you out. Today, New Jersey Singles reviews obvious signs he’s taking you for granted.

single women in new jersey

1. He expects sweet things from you.

He expects the world from you, but he doesn’t thank you for anything. He just expects you to do things for him. Sure, both people in the relationship are supposed to put efforts in to keep the relationship alive. You’re both supposed to be doing sweet things for each other. However, those sweet things shouldn’t be expected and overlooked

Those sweet things you do out of the kindness of your heart are to make your partner happy, not because he expects you to do them. Your efforts need to be appreciated. If you’re doing sweet things for your partner and he doesn’t appreciate them, he’s definitely taking you for granted.

Even something as small as bringing him a cup of coffee in the morning should be followed by a thank you. If he’s not doing that, he’s taking you for granted.

2. He gets angry when you don’t do nice things for him.

He has high expectations for you. He thinks you should be doing nice things for him all the time. When you don’t, he gets very angry.

The fact that he gets cranky when you don’t do nice things for him shows that he’s taking you for granted. He basically wants you to worship him. Come on, ladies, you deserve better than that.

3. He never does anything nice for you.

This will be the most obvious sign he’s taking you for granted. Think about it: has he ever taken you to a nice restaurant? Does he shower you with flowers and roses? Does he do nice things for you just because? Well, then it’s clear he’s taking you for granted.

Why should you be doing nice things in the relationship when he never returns the favor? And if he is doing nice things and always expects sex in return, that’s not right either because he should be doing nice things just because he wants to, not because he expects a reward.

4. He doesn’t make time for you.

We all have busy lives—work, friends, family, and errands. However, if you’re pulling teeth to spend time with your partner, this is a major red flag. If he truly cared about you, he would make time for you no matter how busy he is. And that’s the truth, ladies.

5. He doesn’t respect your time.

However, he expects you to change your entire schedule to accommodate his. Even if you already have plans, he wants you to drop them so you can hang out with him. He doesn’t value you or respect your time.

Ladies, you don’t deserve someone who is mistreating you and taking you for granted. You deserve a man who will work hard every single day of his life to show you how much you mean to him.

If you want to meet a man like that, contact our New Jersey matchmaking experts today and ditch that unappreciative guy. Let New Jersey Singles introduce you to a quality guy who will put in the same efforts as you.  Call 1 (888) 417-0020 to book your 100% FREE, in-depth matchmaking consultation today. We’re ready and eager to help you find your perfect guy!

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New Jersey Singles Reviews 8 Red Flags He’s Only After Sex

Even if it seems like a man is really into you, he might be playing you to get one thing—and one thing only.  That’s why you have to know the signs to look for and keep your eyes open.  It can be confusing to tell the difference between love and lust.  As dating experts, we know it’s easy to get those two types of attractions confused.  Don’t get your heart broken again by a man who is only into you for sex.

Today, New Jersey Singles reviews signs he’s only dating you to get you to the bedroom.  If you notice these red flags, you know it’s time to cut ties and go your separate ways.

single men in new jersey

  1. It feels too good to be true.

Your relationship feels just like one in the movies.  Everything seems to be going so perfectly.  Really, he’s everything you wanted in a man.  Why did it take you so long to find him?  He seems so laidback and agrees with everything you say.  This might be a good thing at first, but it really means the relationship is low-stakes and only based on sex.  This feeling you have is eventually going to fade away and you’ll start seeing him for what he really is.  Snap out of this dream!

  1. He comments on your body all the time.

It doesn’t matter what the two of you are doing or where you’re at, he’s always making sexual comments.  Whether it’s commenting on your nice toned legs or your perky breasts, he always whispers sexual comments.  He might even try to sneak a feel on your leg while you’re in public.  Of course, it’s normal to be a little touchy-feely in the early stages of the relationship, but if he’s constantly making comments that are inappropriate, then he only has one thing on his mind: sex!

  1. The two of you are complete opposites.

You know that you shouldn’t be with him because you don’t have anything in common.  Well, besides all that fun in the bedroom.  You truly can’t picture being in a relationship with him.  He’s either out of your league or it seems like you’re out of his.  It’s only a matter of time before you realize he’s only using you for sex.

  1. He’s always focused on sex.

Whenever the two of you spend time together, it’s assumed that you’ll be having sex.  You invite him for a movie and he doesn’t want to watch the movie—he just wants to go straight to the bedroom.  It’s normal for people to focus on sex during the early stages of the relationship, but other things should be happening too.  If all you do is have sex every time you’re with him, then he’s only focused on sex—not quality time with you.

  1. Your best times together are sex related.

When you sit back and think about your relationship, you can’t come up with anything fun besides sex.  In fact, that’s all you do every time you get together.  If the best times together are sex related, then it’s clear what’s on his mind.

  1. You talk about superficial things.

You never discuss anything besides the fun you have in the bedroom.  No, really, you never seem to talk about anything else.  You don’t know his best friend’s name, where he works, or his favorite hobbies.  That’s because you only have aa physical connection.

  1. You’re starting to get a feeling.

You’re starting to get a feeling that he’s doing this with other women too.  Your mind starts to wonder if he’s playing other women like he’s playing you.

  1. You use sex to connect.

The two of you don’t really talk much so the only way to connect is sex.  Any other type of interaction feels awkward.  The only time the two of you feel comfortable is when you’re in the bedroom.

There’s no worse feeling in the world than finding out that a guy is only after you for sex.  Hopefully now you know how to recognize the signs early on.  If you’re like many single women in New Jersey who’s tired of encountering players and jerks, contact the best matchmakers in New Jersey today and let us help you meet relationship-minded men who are serious about dating.  Call 1 (888) 417-0020 to book your 100% FREE, in-depth matchmaking consultation today.


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New Jersey Singles Reviews Why It’s Okay to Be Single for the Holidays

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and in the blink of an eye Christmas and Hanukkah will be here.  Even though you’ll start watching Lifetime movies with happy couples and run into love struck couples holding hands everywhere you go, you shouldn’t be depressed about your single status.  In fact, you can make the most of it.

Ask anyone who’s in a relationship and they’ll tell you how stressful the holidays are when you’re coupled up.  Today, New Jersey Singles reviews why it’s okay to be single for the holidays.

singles in nj

1. You’ll spend less money.

You don’t have to worry about spending a few hundred dollars on the latest PlayStation or designer bag for your partner because you don’t have one.  You don’t have to find presents for their parents and little sister who you barely know.  You get to spend all the extra money on yourself, ornaments, and some much-needed eggnog.

2. You only have to visit your family.

When you’re in a serious relationship, you have to divide your time between your families.  But when you’re single, you can spend time catching up with your cousins who you haven’t seen in a year.  There’s nowhere else you have to be but with your family.

3. You can flirt at holiday parties.

It doesn’t matter if you’re going to a New Year’s Eve party with your friends or a work Christmas party.  Either way, no one can stop you from flirting with other singles.  The more parties you go to, the more chances you have to find love.

4. You can work during the holidays.

Maybe your family is far away and you don’t want to see your friends in relationships, so why not put in some extra hours at work?  You’ll make some extra money that you’ll certainly need during the holiday season.  And you won’t get yelled at by your partner for deserting them.  It’s a win-win.

5. You don’t have to worry about putting on weight.

Without a doubt, you’re going to gain a few extra pounds during the holidays, and don’t worry because everyone does.  But if you were in a relationship, especially a new one, you would have to worry about staying in shape for your new partner.  But when you’re single, you can slip into those oversized Christmas sweaters and no one will ever know you put on a few pounds.

6. You’ll save time.

Not only will you save money by not having to do Christmas shopping for a partner, but you’ll also save a lot of time.  Do you know how long it takes to find the perfect present?  When you’re single, the only person you have to worry about is yourself, friends, and family.  And let’s face it, your family will love anything they receive from you.

7. You won’t be judged for acting like a kid.

If you hate the commercialized holidays, no one will pressure you to decorate your tree, bake cookies, or get into the spirit.  No one will make fun of you for staying in your PJs all day.  It will just be your little secret.

8. You can always count on your friends.

Sure, it’s cute to see couples skiing, ice-skating, or walking in the snow during the holiday season, but those activities aren’t only reserved for couples.  You can do those things with your best friends so you won’t be missing out on anything yourself.

9. You don’t have to worry about your embarrassing family.

There’s nothing worse than introducing your new partner to your goofy family.  Even if it looks like everyone is having the time of their lives, you’ll be counting down the seconds until Aunt Marie or Uncle Paul does something embarrassing.

10. You can drink as much as you want.

Your aunts and uncles have known you for years, so they won’t judge you when you’re pounding back the eggnog.  If you had a boyfriend or girlfriend, they would tell you to tone it down a little before you do something embarrassing.  But luckily for you, you’re single and can drink whatever you want.  Tis the season for eggnog!

If you’re single for the holidays, don’t panic.  Now you know why it’s okay to be single for the holidays; in fact, it’s actually a perk!

But no matter how stressful the holidays might be, it’s always better to have someone special to cherish these moments with.  If you’re single and searching for love in New Jersey, call 1 (888) 417-0020 to book your 100% FREE, in-depth matchmaking consultation today.

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New Jersey Singles Reviews Challenges of Bringing Someone Home for the Holidays

It’s almost Christmas, so that means you need to start getting your list and plans ready.  If those plans include bringing someone home for a holiday get together for the first time, then you need to be prepared for all the awkward things that could happen.  To all the singles out there, be happy you’re single for now.  Bringing someone home for the holidays is great and all, but there’s also plenty weirdness and awkwardness to go around.

Today, New Jersey Singles reviews awkward things that happen when you bring someone new home for the holidays with your family.

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1. Trying to Work Out Different Family Traditions

Chances are your families don’t do everything the same way so you’re going to have to explain to your new partner about your family’s weird traditions.  You’ll do everything in your power to make them feel comfortable and ensure they’re not feeling out of place.

2. Dealing with Your Family’s Intense Discussions

Most people know not to bring out hot topics of conversation like politics.  But when you’re hanging around family, everyone feels comfortable enough to talk about heavier topics like politics, which can make your new love interest feel uncomfortable.  It stinks, but it’s better to deescalate the situation by switching to a conversation topic that is lighter and more appropriate for everyone.

3. Sleeping Over Is Awkward

If you’re traveling a long way, then you’re going to have to spend the night at your family’s house.  If you’re at a stage of bringing them home for the holidays, then chances are you’ve already spent the night together.  But spending the night at your parent’s house will be a lot different, a lot more stressful to say the least.

4. Having Different Tastes in Foods or Food Allergies

A lot of families make the same dishes for the holiday season, but if your new partner follows a special diet or is just a plain picky eater, things can get weird fast.  Mention any food allergies your partner might have so your parents or whoever is preparing the meal can take that into consideration.  If your new partner has food allergies, they should have a batch prepared with items that are safe for them to eat.

5. Someone Talking About Your Ex

If you brought someone home last Christmas, then there’s a good chance someone is going to bring them up this year.  It could be a distant cousin or an uncle who has no idea what you’re up to today.  Of course it’s innocent, but it’s still very awkward.  Either way, be ready to change up the conversation and introduce your new partner to prevent any further misunderstandings.

6. Your Family Will Talk About Embarrassing Childhood Stories

Unless you won the lottery when you were a kid, then chances are your family has a few embarrassing stories to tell your date.  This will also include embarrassing pictures from your awkward childhood days.  You might hate it, but it can actually be a good thing, as it will put your new partner at ease.  Plus, it’s a good sign your family approves of them.

7. Showing Them Your Childhood Room

If you happen to have your childhood room intact, you and your new partner can check it out together.  They can see all the weird stuff you used to collect and take a trip with you down memory lane.  This is will actually be very neat for the two of you to do together.

8. Having Them Buy Presents for People They Don’t Know

When visiting anyone’s family for Christmas, people generally say thanks for the invite by showing up with a thoughtful gift.  Gift shopping is already hard enough when you know someone well, but it’s ten times harder for someone you never met before.  Hopefully you can give your new partner some advice to send them in the right direction and take a little stress away.

Remember that these awkward things that will happen when you bring your new partner home for Christmas will only be awkward the first time around.  After that, things will get easier and everyone will be acquainted next time.

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