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New Jersey Singles Reviews 6 Fun Spring Dates in New Jersey

Spring is officially here, which means it’s time to look beyond your Netflix account and get outside for some fresh air. Not that movie nights in are no good, but now that spring is finally here, why not venture out and enjoy the beautiful outdoors?

You might be tired by now of our number one spring date idea – which will always be hiking. But there are many other spring date ideas we know you’re going to love. It’s time to give your love life a little refresher and get ready for our spring date ideas that will get you out of winter hibernation mode. Today, New Jersey Singles reviews must-try spring date ideas to give a shot with your partner.

single women in colts neck

  1. Plant a Garden

This date idea is one of our favorite spring date ideas ever. Head out with your partner to the local nursery or garden supply store and pick one or two things to plant together. Don’t worry about getting dirty because that’s what this date is all about. If you don’t have a green thumb, don’t worry, because gardening is something you can learn together.

  1. Rent a Convertible

Tired of paying for fancy dinners that are over in an hour instead of getting something out of your money? When the weather starts getting warm and the sun starts shining, why not rent a convertible and drive around the city with your partner? We promise you that this will be an adventure you’re going to love.

There’s nothing like a little wind in your hair and sun on your face. Of course, this date isn’t just to drive around. Pack a picnic and take a road trip to wherever your hearts take you. Want to stay in a romantic bed and breakfast or enjoy a little stargazing? You can do that too. Just go wherever the road takes you and enjoy an unbeatable spring adventure for two!

  1. Go on a Brewery Tour

Unlike wineries, which are nestled in rolling country hills, breweries are found everywhere you look. There are probably a few that just popped in your city, so why not visit one? Artisan beer is a huge trend right now, so get out and explore. You can enjoy delicious beer, great music, and good food. Plus, you’ll learn a thing or two about beer, which will make you want to learn more.

  1. Go on a Leisurely Bike Ride

Why not enjoy the beautiful spring air while riding your bikes? This date idea is another low-pressure date that lets you take in beautiful Mother Nature together. You can ride your bikes in the city, on trails, or on quiet country roads -it’s up to you. No need to dress up for this date – jeans and your favorite comfy T or tank will do.

  1. Visit a Farmers Market

We don’t know about you, but we love farmers markets and everything they have to offer. For this date, you’ll want to grab coffee and head to the nearest farmers market where you can grab tomatoes, a jar of honey, or a fresh baked apple pie. Yummy! Better yet, pick up some local ingredients and continue the date at home where you’ll grill, bake a delicious dessert, or enjoy some wine and cheese for two.

  1. Go Yard Sale-ing

Tis the season for yard sales. Spring has officially sprung, which means everyone is looking to do a little spring cleaning and unload some unwanted belongings. You know what they say, right? One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and you really don’t know what you’ll find at a yard sale. Whether you buy or not is totally up to you, but simply strolling through yard sales is a great way to connect with your partner. Don’t forget to buy some lemonade from the kids selling at their lemonade stands.

We think you’ll agree – it’s time to grab your significant other and enjoy the beautiful spring weather. Spring has officially sprung – it’s time to get out of hibernation mode and enjoy one of these six spring date ideas from our New Jersey matchmakers.

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single women in colts neck

New Jersey Singles Reviews 8 Signs You’re About to Break Up

A mature man will have no problem telling you that he doesn’t want to date you anymore. He will be decent enough to tell you in person instead of ghosting you or treating you poorly so you can dump him. If your boyfriend has been acting weird lately, take a look and ask yourself if he’s doing any of these things, If he’s guilty of a few, he’s definitely looking to break up with you. Unfortunately, you’re dating a man-child and doesn’t know how to break up with you the right way. Ladies, you’ve been warned!

Today, New Jersey Singles reviews the telltale signs your relationship is headed to breakup territory.

single women in colts neck

  1. He tells you that you’ll be happier with someone else.

This is one of the shadiest things to hear from a guy, especially the guy you’re in love with. If you’re talking with your boyfriend about the future and he tells you that you’re going to be happier with someone else, it’s because he clearly doesn’t see a future with you. Wasn’t he the one you were supposed to be happy with in the future? Didn’t he always talk about your future together?

  1. He praises you in weird ways.

If a guy is giving you compliments on your accomplishments or body, that’s awesome. But if he’s praising you and keeps saying that you’re amazing and that you deserve someone else, he’s hinting that he doesn’t want to be with you down the road. If he’s telling you that he’s not good enough for you and that you deserve someone better, look out—a breakup is around the corner.

  1. Nothing you do is ever right.

He criticizes you for the way you make his coffee in the morning, how you eat your burger, how you talk to your friends, and even how you sneeze. He is finding any excuse to get into an argument with you so you’re the one who walks away from him.

  1. He’s always in a bad mood.

Sure, he’s been in many bad moods before, especially due to work. But now it seems like he’s living under a black cloud. You might write it off as work-related stress or family issues, but if he’s full of laughter on the phone with his friends but suddenly turns when he sees you, then something is up. He’s clearly not happy with you anymore.

  1. He doesn’t want to see your family.

He used to love spending time with your loved ones, but now he’s quick to come up with excuses as to why he can’t make it to their get togethers. When he does come, he sits on his phone the entire time and looks moody (like you forced him to attend).

  1. He’s acting weird on social media.

You’ve chatted on the phone with him, but he cut the conversation short and told you he was going to bed. Afterwards, you got on social media and saw he was online. Is he chatting with someone else? If he’s lying to you and acting inconsistently, that’s a major sign he’s looking for an exit.

  1. He’s putting himself down to you.

Lately, it seems like he’s always talking poorly about himself or mentioning how poorly he treated girlfriends in the past. These are huge red flags he’s trying to get out of the relationship. By portraying himself as a bad boyfriend, he’s telling you that you deserve better.

  1. He stopped putting in efforts.

Has your boyfriend become lazy lately? Has he stopped paying for dinners? Does he always ask you to pick up the bill? Has he stopped dressing up when you go out together? Has he stopped doing the little things he used to do? If your boyfriend stops making an effort, it’s because he doesn’t want to be in a relationship anymore.

A guy who’s ready to walk out of a relationship will be guilty of some of these behaviors. Yes, it’s messed up, but that’s the way immature men end a relationship. You are definitely dating a man-child and are better off without him.

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