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New Jersey Singles Reviews Traits of a Great Boyfriend

No two people are the same, and women are no different. Everyone has a different list of priorities and traits that they want in a partner. However, there are certain traits we all want from our partner.

So what are those traits that make a great partner? There are many different traits you would hope your partner would have. However, these traits are the few character traits that we would recommend you look for on your search for Mr. Right.

Today, New Jersey Singles reviews the top traits of a great boyfriend.

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  1. Integrity

You always want to make sure that you are in a relationship with a guy who is strong in his convictions and who stays true to his priorities in life. When you stand for nothing in life, you are bound to fall for anything. So when you know that your boyfriend is a man of integrity, someone who really stays true to his beliefs and his morals, then you know he’s a guy who is mature enough to be in a committed relationship.

  1. Consistency & Stability

You don’t always want a guy who is going to be hot and cold with you. You don’t want a guy who is just going to be filling you with a lot of uncertainty. You don’t want a guy you can’t trust or rely on. You want to be sure that you have a boyfriend who is dependable, someone who is always going to be there for you. You need a boyfriend to show up for you whether you ask him to or not.

  1. Thoughtfulness

Selflessness is always important in any type of relationship. You have to remember that when you are in a relationship with someone, you are going to have to learn to share your life with them. You can’t afford to be selfish in the relationship and still expect things to work out for the better. You are going to have to be thoughtful and must look for a man who is the same.

  1. Kindness

There can really be no love where there is no kindness. And if you have a guy who just fails to be kind, then you know that this man is not capable of being in a relationship. And it’s important that he’s not only kind to you, but that he’s kind to everyone he comes in contact with. You see, if a man is kind to you but isn’t kind to others, then he isn’t really a kind man. You always want to make sure that he is someone who is consistently kind, the type of man who’s kind to the waiter and the homeless person on the street.

  1. Lightheartedness

You don’t want to be with a guy who is going to be rigid and serious all the time. There is a lot of stress and pressure that comes with being in a relationship, and it’s important that you are with a guy who is able to relieve that stress and pressure in a lighthearted way.

If your guy has these five characteristics, then hold on to him tightly. It’s not easy to find a guy who will make for a great boyfriend.

If you’re not having any luck of finding a quality boyfriend on your own, it might be time to let the experts of love step in and take over the search. If you’re single and ready to meet relationship-minded single men in NJ, contact our New Jersey matchmakers today and let us help you find true love. Call 1 (888) 417-0020 to book your 100% FREE matchmaking consultation with New Jersey Singles today!


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New Jersey Singles Reviews Things Not to Tolerate from Him

You might have had a rough year with your relationships in 2017.  You might’ve put up with a lot of things you shouldn’t have in dating and in love.  But with it being the new year, we think it’s time you stop putting up with so much unacceptable behavior from men.

Relationships should be handled with a lot of care and love.  Initially, everything looks perfect just like in the movies.  But eventually, once those rose-tinted glasses come off, you start to see things for what they are.  There are several things you should never put up with from a man, no matter how attractive he is.

Also, being that it’s a new year and a fresh start, it’s time you stop putting up with the unacceptable things you put up with last year.  It’s time you promise yourself that 2018 will be the year you stop tolerating anything that is unacceptable in your romantic life.  And if you don’t know what those things are, our matchmakers are here to help you out.

Today, New Jersey Singles reviews things you should never tolerate from men.

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  1. Physical Abuse

It doesn’t matter how angry he was or how many drinks he had in him, if he hits you, then it goes without saying that you need to walk away.  If your man hurts you (even once), chances are he’ll do it again.  Don’t EVER put up with such unacceptable behavior.  No one should be physically abused by their partner.  Kick him to the curb now and save yourself the despair.

  1. Mental Abuse

Now, your man might never have punched you before, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t verbally abuse you.  It’s called mental abuse, something you should never tolerate from a man.  Mental abuse can change you as a whole and break you down as a woman.  If your man abuses you mentally and emotionally, you need to let him go.  This kind of abuse can be anything from putting you down, calling you names, or talking behind your back.  If your guy is guilty, you know what you need to do.

  1. Lying

Once in a while, a small little white lie is okay, as long as it’s harmless.  But if your man has the tendency to lie compulsively, then you need to rethink this relationship.  You should never put up with a liar because it will destroy your state of mind in the long run.  You’ll never have trust in anything he says and will constantly be second-guessing him.

  1. Cheating

A lot of women forgive their guys for cheating and justify it by saying he’s no longer that way.  But we’re here to tell you something: if your man cheated on you once, he’ll likely do it again.  Even if you’re willing to forgive him, can you live with the fear of knowing he can do it again?  You might never be able to trust him again.  Why go through all the torture when you can simply walk away?

  1. Friend Bashing

A man who truly loves you will not love you but your entire world.  He will respect and accept your friends and family as though they were his.  If your man talks poorly about your friends for no apparent reason, you shouldn’t put up with that.  Remember that, at the end of the day, when you break up with him, your friends will be the ones standing by your side.  If he stops you from hanging out with them or feels jealous in their presence, consider this to a major red flag.

Let 2018 be the luckiest year for you when it comes to love.  If your boyfriend does any of the things above, you need to put a stop to it right away.  Stand up for yourself because that’s the only way you’re going to be able to find real love—the love you deserve.

If you’re tired of dating losers and jerks, contact our New Jersey matchmakers today.  Let us introduce you to quality men who will respect, adore, and appreciate you for the amazing woman you are.  Let us help you find the adoring partner you desire and deserve.  Call 1 (888) 417-0020 to book your 100% FREE, in-depth matchmaking consultation with New Jersey Singles today.


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New Jersey Singles Reviews Why Summer’s Perfect for Love

The summer months bring out the best in us, which gives us the perfect reason—true motivation—to start dating again.  Dating is much better when the temperatures are hot and our excitement levels are high.

We often hibernate during the winter months.  Many of us don’t socialize when it’s cold and would rather stay indoors hiding behind our mobile phones.  But summer changes all that.

Now that the summer is in full swing and the sun is brighter than ever, everyone’s in a good mood and feeling motivated to date.  Summer is when there are many social gatherings and opportunities to mingle and meet new people.  Get ready as New Jersey Singles reviews why summer is the perfect time to date and look for love in NJ.

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  1. You know you’re their priority.

There are so many things going on in the summer that if someone chooses to spend time with you, you know you’re their priority.  It’s not like in the winter months when people just want to spend time with anyone to pass the time.

If someone wants to spend time with you in the summer, it’s not because they’re bored or have nothing to do.  It’s because they genuinely want to spend time with you.

  1. You feel alive and beautiful in the summer.

Most of us feel alive and beautiful during the summer months.  It’s not because we’re wearing less clothes and showing more skin.  It’s because our skin is sun kissed, which gives us more confidence to get out there and date more.  Have you ever heard of the summer glow?  It’s real; after all, the sun does give us energy and makes us feel confident and ready for love.

  1. Dates are easier to find in the summer.

Dates are just better in the summer and easier to find.  Dates are also better and easier to plan in the summer.  We can’t justify a date night in because there are just so many wonderful things to do in New Jersey.

We know that the lack of sunlight in the winter makes us tired and lethargic, and the last thing you want to do is get ready on a cold night to go out on a date.  In the summer, however, we have that summer glow and energy from the sun that makes us want to be out and about and be seen.  The options are endless when it comes to date ideas in New Jersey in the summer—from beach trips to hitting the farmers market or visiting local vineyards, there’s just so much fun to be had!

  1. You’re less clingy.

No one wants to be handcuffed to someone during the summer months.  You want the freedom to do whatever you want.  And since there are so many things going on in the summer, you’re less likely to be a clingy partner and scare away the person you’re dating.

The summer months will make you look like you have a lot going on and proves that your life doesn’t revolve around your partner and vice versa.  It’s not attractive to be clingy, not for either sex.  We all know that.  But we still have a hard time being independent during the gloomy winter months when all we want to do is spend QT with our partners.

See, we told you dating is so much fun during the summer months.  However, if you don’t have time or aren’t having any luck meeting quality singles in New Jersey, contact our New Jersey Singles matchmakers today so we can assist you on your search.

Call 1 (888) 417-0020 to reserve your FREE matchmaking consultation with one of our passionate matchmakers today and start dating the singles you deserve!


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New Jersey Singles Reviews How to Prove Your Love for Him

Looking for ways to let your man know how much you love and care for him?  As the leading matchmaking service in NJ, New Jersey Singles reviews many aspects of love and dating, and proving your love for someone is a very important aspect of a relationship.  Sometimes, even if you’re head over heels for someone, saying those three magic words isn’t enough.  Our expert matchmakers know there are many things you must do to prove your love.  After all, it is actions that speak louder than words.

Wanting to prove your love for your boyfriend is normal, but how can you show him how much he means to you?  Well, grand gestures and over-the-top romance can do the trick, but there are also subtle things that will have a huge impact on him.  The key is to think outside of the box and make it personal.

Get ready as New Jersey Singles reviews clever, fun, and simple ways to show your love for your boyfriend any day of the week.

new jersey singles reviews

1. Say “I love you” Often

Yes, we know it might sound like we’re contradicting ourselves, since we said that actions speak louder than words, but hear us out for a second.  If you don’t tell your boyfriend that you love him, how is he supposed to know?  Telling him that you love him is a good place to start to show him just how much he means to you.

2. Listen to His Stories

Don’t just sit there wishing you were somewhere else, and never get distracted by your phone.  Instead, really take time to listen to your boyfriend’s stories and everything he has to say.  Repeat things back to him, smile, laugh, and add encouragement throughout to show him that you’re truly paying attention.  This will make him feel loved and cared for by you.

3. Prepare His Favorite Meal

Surprise him—out of the blue—with his favorite meal when he walks in the door.  Remember that it doesn’t have to be his birthday or an anniversary for you to do something special.  Set the table, light some candles, and create a romantic atmosphere for the two of you to connect after a long day.  Not only will he know how much you love him, but he’ll feel appreciated too.

4. Take Him to an Upscale Restaurant

This one is a great idea if you don’t like to cook at home or rarely have the time to make a good meal during the week.  Surprise your boyfriend by treating him to dinner at one of his favorite upscale restaurants.  And when he asks what the occasion is, simply tell him it’s because you love him.

5. Surprise Him for No Reason

Similar to the idea above, surprises can be just about anything.  The best thing about a surprise is that your boyfriend is going to know you were thinking about him for no reason at all.  Whether it’s a new cologne, a romantic outing for two, or tickets to a football game, you can’t go wrong with a surprise for no apparent reason.

6. Look After Him When He’s Feeling Down

It’s flu season here in New Jersey, so when your boyfriend is feeling sick or is upset about something, be there to look after him.  Bring him a blanket to cozy up, prepare him a delicious hot cocoa to warm up, and bring him his favorite snacks to reenergize.  These kind gestures will have him feeling better in no time.

7. Tell Him What You Love About Him

This tip will work wonders, especially when your boyfriend is dressed down.  He might be lounging around in his favorite sweatpants watching TV on the couch or perhaps he’s just walking in the door from the gym, which is the perfect time to give him a compliment.  Why?  Because he’s least expecting it.

8. Tell Him You Love His Flaws

Everyone has a flaw or two, or something they just don’t like about themselves.  Chances are, your man is no different.  If you want to prove to him how much you love him, tell him that you love his flaws.  This will make your boyfriend feel good about himself and let him know you love him despite his quirks or shortcomings.

9. Ditch Ladies’ Night for a Night In with Him

Nothing says “I love you” more than staying in with your boyfriend when you were supposed to do something with your gal pals.  Now, make sure you don’t complain or say you wish you were out with your friends.  Instead, let it be known that you’re enjoying every second with him.

10. Write Him a Love Letter

Handwritten letters were pretty cool back in school.  But guess what?  They still work wonders today.  You can write your boyfriend a heartfelt love letter professing your undying love for him.  He will appreciate this gesture in today’s tech-crazed world where handwritten notes are hard to come by.

11. Send Him an Occasional Text

Why not remind your boyfriend how much you love him by sending him an occasional text message during the day?  A text message doesn’t have to be a romantic declaration of love.  On the contrary, it can be something as simple as “I was thinking about you,” or “I hope you’re having a wonderful day.”

12. Encourage Him to Pursue His Dreams

Supporting and encouraging your boyfriend to pursue his goals and dreams shows him that you love him.  When you love someone, you want them to become the best they can be, and there’s no better way to do this than by encouraging him.

Our readers love our New Jersey Singles reviews and always look forward to the next dating blog from our experts.  So tell us, which one of these does your boyfriend love and appreciate the most?  What are some of the other ways you show your boyfriend just how much you love him?  Let us know on our Facebook page today!

Single and searching for Mr. Right?  Fill out the short survey at the top of the page to book your FREE consultation with New Jersey Singles today.  Let us help you find your Prince Charming!

New Jersey Singles Dating – 14 Signs You’ve Got a Keeper!

When you think you have found the perfect man, it can be the beginning of the best time of your life. Everything seems so much better, especially when you have someone special to share your life with. But how can you know if the man you’re dating is really a keeper? Everyone has their own idea of what makes the perfect boyfriend, but our New Jersey Singles dating experts know there are some universal signs that will tell you you’ve finally found the one.

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  1. He Sticks to His Promises

Everyone has met a man who never does what he promises and always falls through on his word. Often times, these broken promises start out small but leave you unsure about him. If your boyfriend always sticks to his promises and follows through with what he says, then you can rest assured he is commitment-minded and ready for something serious.

  1. He Is Romantic at Heart

Many men tend to give up romance after they already land the woman. But if you have found a man who continues to show you his romantic side, even after several months of dating, then you’ve got yourself a keeper. Many men believe they should only use romance to woo a woman and completely stop after they accomplish their goal. A man who continues with romantic gestures is a man who cares about you and isn’t selfish.

  1. He Always Has Time to Be with You

A really great boyfriend is one who will dedicate time to be with you. It doesn’t matter how busy he is or how many things he has on his plate, he will clear his schedule and make it a priority to spend time with you. He will do this because he genuinely wants to be with you and knows how important it is to spend time quality time together.

  1. You Can Have a Good Time with Him

Fun and laughter come naturally when you are in the company of a good boyfriend. You will feel relaxed in his company and feel like you can let your guard down and have a good time. He knows how to make you laugh and you enjoy his sense of humor, just as he enjoys yours. Whenever the two of you are together, laughter is always on the menu.

  1. He Loves You for the Real You

A good boyfriend will appreciate you for the real version of you. With him, you never feel like you have to put up an act. He knows everything about you and loves you regardless, flaws and all. He accepts you for the real you and would never want to change you into someone you’re not.

  1. Your Family & Friends Approve of Him

You are happy to introduce your boyfriend to your group of friends and family members. He seems to get along fine with everyone and nobody has anything bad to say about him. Our New Jersey Singles dating experts know you don’t have to have the approval of your friends and family when you’re dating someone, but it’s always reassuring to know that the people close to you approve of your partner. It also shows that he’s willing to make the effort to get along with the people you love.

  1. He Is Always There When You Need Him

He hates to see you sad. And he is always there to support you when you have a bad day. It doesn’t matter how you feel, you know he is always there by your side to comfort you. A great boyfriend will never judge you either; he will just be by your side to help you through whatever you’re going through.

  1. You Can Rely on Him

You know that you can trust him with everything. Doubts never come into your mind when you are with him. You know when he says he loves you that he means it with all his heart. When he is out with friends you never have to worry because your gut instinct always tell you that you can trust him. And guess what? Gut instincts are always right.

  1. He Encourages You to Be the Best You Can Be

When two people work well together, they bring out the best in each other, which is what a good boyfriend will do for you. He will encourage you to pursue your hobbies, advance in your career, and support you when things go wrong. The two of you work well as a team and it feels like you can accomplish anything together.

  1. He Has Dreams & Goals

A great boyfriend won’t be one who sits around home complaining and moaning about how he doesn’t have any luck. He will have his own dreams and aspirations and will actively pursue them. A man who has ambitions in life is a keeper.

  1. He Knows How to Communicate with You

A great boyfriend loves talking to his girlfriend, but more importantly, he is there to understand you and hear you out when you need him.

  1. He Is Interested in Your Life

A great boyfriend will ask you things about your everyday life. He is interested to hear about your childhood, your work day, and other things that interest you.

  1. He Knows How to Compromise

He is willing to go shopping with you, even if he hates going to the mall. He knows how much you enjoy romantic movies and takes you to see them, even though they make him cringe. He compromises because he knows it makes you happy.

How many of these qualities does your boyfriend have? If he has most of them, then you know you have yourself a keeper.

If you’re ready to find yourself a keeper, a partner with all the qualities mentioned above, don’t hesitate to contact one of our expert matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service today. We have a large database of single men and women who are also serious about settling down.









New Jersey Singles Dating Gurus | 9 Ways Men Can Improve Dating Luck

Despite your recent luck in the New Jersey dating scene, we know there are a few things you can do to drastically improve your chances with women in the dating world. While no men are born equal, some are just more charismatic and charming than others. But even if you don’t fall into that category, there’s no reason you, too, can’t be lucky when it comes to love! Today, our expert matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service will teach you how to charm any woman. new jersey singles reviews

       1.  Wear a Nice Cologne

Do you know that your sense of smell is one of your most sensitive senses? It’s true, and you can probably recall certain smells from all the way back in your childhood years. Why not give your date a pleasant surprise by spritzing a unique cologne that is fit for you, your signature, if you will. She’ll smell your amazing scent from far away, before she even sees you. Choose a cologne that fits your character. Now, this means you must put in the efforts to select the right type of cologne that goes with your body scent and personality. Don’t just pick a bottle based on what it looks like from the outside, pick the right scent for you.

  1. Be Generous

Little acts of generosity will take you a long way in the dating world. Don’t panic, this doesn’t mean that you always have to pick up the bill to expensive restaurants or offer to take her whole group of friends out for a night on the town. Small acts of generosity, like tipping the wait staff well or treating the taxi driver right, will win you brownie points in her eyes. Generosity can be shown in many ways, including showing up to her house with her favorite dessert. Again, it doesn’t have to be extravagant gifts, just little acts of kindness will leave a good impression on her.

  1. Listen to Her

If there is one thing women can’t stand about men it’s when they go on and on, talking to no end, especially about themselves. Our New Jersey Singles dating gurus encourage you to engage in conversation by asking her questions and listening to her while she talks. Most women love being listened to. To instantly make her feel appreciated, make an effort to listen to what she has to say (even if she’s talking about the dress she saw today or her annoying boss at the office). But don’t just listen, show her you’re paying attention by giving her advice or words of encouragement. Now, that’s how you get to her heart!

  1. You Must Shave

There is nothing wrong with a healthy beard; after all, some guys can really pull it off. However, there are some men who look raggedy and unkempt, and that is not good when it comes to dating. Our New Jersey Singles dating gurus want you to embrace a clean shaven look—trust us, you’ll see how many heads turn your way.

  1. Get the Right Hairstyle

Ask any woman out there and they will tell you that the right hairstyle will make you or break you. It is the difference between getting a date and not getting one. Go to your local salon and ask them what type of hairstyle would fit your look. Your hairstyle can say a thousand words without you having to open your mouth. A new haircut can also make a significant different in your confidence, and nothing will be sexier on you than confidence while hitting the New Jersey dating scene this summer.

  1. Have Manners

Going out with a man who doesn’t know how to behave appropriately is every woman’s nightmare. Cursing loudly in restaurants and not turning your cell phone off while at dinner or movies will surely repel any woman away. You need to learn your manners and behave respectfully with her and everyone around you. Having manners will instantly make you more attractive. Don’t spit, don’t burp, and don’t curse. Hold doors for her, help her be seated, and offer your jacket on a chilly night. Prove that chivalry isn’t just for Hollywood movies.

  1. Roll up Your Sleeves

It’s normal for men to wear long sleeve dress shirts on a first date; after all, your number one goal is to leave a good first impression. But although long sleeve dress shirts make you look smart, they may also make you look a little too seriously, a little humdrum, if you will. Our New Jersey Singles dating gurus encourage you to roll up your sleeves to look a little more casual, which will help her feel more at ease and allow her to open up to you more. Plus, looking smart casual is a great look, and it’s proven to charm many women.

  1. Don’t Wear Too Much Jewelry

Most men don’t look right wearing a lot of jewelry, so please put away that leather cuff and braided necklace, unless you’re a professional surfer. A nice watch is all you need to look presentable here. It will show her that you have style and class. Don’t overdo the jewelry by wearing excessive amounts of bracelets—and earrings and big shiny necklaces are major no-no’s as well. If you’re a necklace man, simplicity is key when it comes to necklaces, so keep that in mind. A nice belt, a clean pair of shoes and a watch and you’re all set to go.

  1. Have Good Posture

The difference between being successful at dating or failing miserably is your confidence. Good posture will generally make you appear more confident in any situation. Furthermore, having the right posture will make you look taller, giving her a sense of security and making you look more appealing. You might think that slouching will hide your belly, but it’s actually doing more harm than good. Nothing screams insecurity like having bad posture, so keep that in mind on your next date. There is no one magic trick out there that can make you look more attractive; however, if you follow our New Jersey Singles dating gurus’ advice and put in some efforts this summer, you’ll soon become appealing in women’s eyes. These tips will transform you into the man women want to be with, so make sure you follow each and every one of them if you want to have luck in love this summer! If you’re looking to meet quality women in New Jersey, contact our expert matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles and let us help you find the one!


New Jersey Singles Reviews – Relationship Rules to Follow

Matchmaking professionals from New Jersey Singles Dating Service reveal helpful tips to maintain a happy and healthy relationship.

Like everything else in life, love needs a few rules too. If you want your relationship to be successful, you must follow the helpful advice from the professional matchmakers at New Jersey Singles Dating Service.
Many people believe love is complicated and confusing, but in any relationship, love does have a chance to blossom into something deeper as long as you allow it to. New Jersey Singles matchmakers encourage you to approach love and dating with an open mind and open heart. To truly welcome love into your life, follow these relationship rules the matchmaking team at New Jersey Singles reviews for you below.

New Jersey Singles Reviews Important Relationship Rules to Follow


There are a few relationship rules that can change the way the relationship goes, and as trivial as they might seem, they truly do require effort on your part. It’s been said that falling in love should be effortless, but that’s not always the case. Okay, so falling in love might be easy, but it’s remaining in love that requires work. But don’t worry, because just as long as you and your partner are working in your relationship and both putting in the same efforts, you should be able to maintain a happy and healthy relationship together.
New Jersey Singles Reviews Rules that Truly Matter

Follow these relationship rules with your partner and you’ll transform your relationship into a loving and lasting one. And as long as you continue to do these things, you will get to experience real love.
1. Try to love your partner unconditionally.

2. Put yourself in your partner’s shoes when it comes to the relationship. Always try to see things from their perspective.

3. Try to put an end to your arguments as quickly as possible, even when it’s something major. Now, don’t take this one out of context. This does not mean to ignore them and sweep them under the rug. New Jersey Singles encourages you to resolve matters together in a calm and timely manner.

4. Make love with your partner on a regular basis. Scheduling time for intimacy makes it seem like a chore, and that’s not what it should be.

5. Communicate with each other and grow together in the relationship. Don’t grow apart due to the lack of communication.

6. New Jersey Singles can’t stress this one enough. You must learn to give each other the appropriate space you each need as individuals. Even the closest partners, the happiest couples, need some time to miss each other.

7. Don’t take each other for granted. Taking one another for granted is among the easiest ways to get into arguments.


8. It’s okay to say a little white lie if you need to, especially if it won’t hurt your relationship and you think it will make your partner happy. Don’t get carried away with it though. A little white lie such as how wonderful her lasagna is or how nice his biceps are getting from his efforts at the gym is okay every now and then.

9. Don’t stir away from positive criticism; as long as you do it in a constructive way, it should be welcomed.

10. Be the shoulder your partner leans on when they need to. The toughest times are what truly test relationships. Stand by your partner, even when the going gets tough. If you’re able to do this, you’ll see your relationship greatly improves.

11. Never get into an argument with your partner in public; instead, indulge in public displays of affection.

12. Date each other. Yes, even if you’ve been together for many years, this is what is going to keep your relationship alive and exciting.

13. Look sexy for each other, and that includes working out. Just because you are in a relationship and you’re comfortable with one another, doesn’t mean you should let yourself go. Always take good care of yourself; not only will it keep your partner intrigued, but it will boost your self-esteem.


14. Compliment your partner, even if it’s something as little as thanking them for a chore they do daily, it will go a long way. Compliments are one of the best ways to thank someone for what they’ve done, no matter how small it might be.

15. Celebrate special days together. Birthday, anniversaries, and other milestones might repeat themselves year after year, but they are still important things you must celebrate with each other.

16. Don’t ever try making your partner feel bad or down about themselves. Calling your partner names or belittling them will leave a scar and will undoubtedly hurt the relationship.

17. Learn to forgive without holding a grudge. As hard as it might seem, forgiveness is an important quality of love.

18. Respect your partner with your whole heart.

19. Understand that your partner might have a crush on someone other than you. It’s difficult to accept it, but it’s normal, even when in love with someone, to find others attractive. Don’t get jealous when your partner finds a certain celebrity or someone else attractive; it’s completely normal.

20. Trust your partner. New Jersey Singles matchmakers know that trust is the most important aspect of a healthy relationship. Without trust, your relationship won’t survive.

21. Never badmouth each other, not even out of anger. Words that are exchanged cannot be taken back.

22. Learn to spend quality time together. There is no better way to fall more in love than by bonding as the relationship grows.

23. Have fun with each other, even if it means behaving silly and childlike once in a while. A little pillow fight, silly jokes, and playful behaviors will strengthen your relationship.

24. Be spontaneous when it comes to showing affection and appreciation to your partner. Don’t always wait for special occasions to show your partner how much you care for them. Spontaneous surprises will keep the love going for many years.

25. Whatever works for your relationship. That’s right, no relationship out there is the same, and instead of learning from someone else’s, learn from your own. What works for Martha and Joseph might not work for you. Learn from your success and your failures.

These relationships rules from New Jersey Singles might seem simple to you, but they do require work. As long as you and your partner make it a point to follow them, you’ll see your relationship grow and improve.

If you really treasure your partner, make a difference with the tips from the professional matchmaking team at New Jersey Singles. You won’t regret it in the end as you get to experience a warm and loving relationship together.

For more dating and relationship advice from the matchmaking staff at New Jersey Singles, “Like” them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.