New Jersey Singles Complaints: Exes & Helpful Ways to Handle Them

Successful matchmaking service in New Jersey, New Jersey Singles, reveals helpful post-breakup advice.
You might be completely over your ex, but if your ex is continuously trying to get back with you, use the following pieces of advice from New Jersey dating and relationship experts to stop your ex from calling and harassing you.

After a breakup it can be very difficult to resist the temptation of reaching out to your ex. They are just one Facebook post from jumping into your head again and reminding you of all the times you guys had together; however, there are many ways you can distract yourself and prevent yourself from thinking about or dialing your ex. The problem happens when you are the one that can fully resist the urges but your ex cannot. Some people might not realize the situation at hand and might even feel flattered they’re getting all this attention from their ex, but getting unwanted phone calls, text messages, and Facebook posts isn’t good for you, your healing process, or moving on with your life.

The Trouble with a Harassing Ex

Just because you have just broken up with your ex doesn’t mean you don’t have a soft spot for them. As determined as you are to put them behind you and completely forget about them, it’s hard when they’re constantly calling and text messaging you. What if you feel down at one point or another and give in and take their call? What if they send you the perfect message at the right time and it makes you go back to the relationship? What if you want to completely forget about them but you can’t because of their harassing phone calls? What if they’re plain old annoying and they don’t just get the hint? In cases like this, the dating and relationship experts at New Jersey Singles have the answers for you.

New Jersey Singles – Great Ways to Prevent Your Ex from Contacting You
Here are some steps you can take to prevent your ex from ever contacting you again.


1. Tell them during the breakup

When couples break up, they usually talk and argue about the fact that they will no longer be together; however, what many coupes fail to mention is what they expect after the breakup. Some say they want to be friends, but if you don’t want them to contact you ever again, you must make it clear to them at this point.
Tell them you don’t want to see them or hear them for some time after the breakup or let them know you never want to hear from them again. A clear time frame gives your ex a specific amount of time not to contact you and it gives you time to heal, explains New Jersey Singles.

2. If you did not discuss it with your ex, you must find a way to do it.

Meet with your ex in a public place and make sure it’s not a place the two of you have gone together as a couple, because that will stir up old memories and make them think you want to get back together. And be sure to set the meeting during the day because nighttime meetings are more like a date. Lastly, you need to be clear to them that you don’t want them to call you anymore. Once you’re out with them, tell them you’re not comfortable receiving calls or texts from them anymore. Tell your ex you mean it and that you don’t want to hear from them again. Let them know that you only set up the meeting to let them know you’re serious about it. This isn’t a date, nor hanging out; you’re only there to let them know that they need to respect your decisions.

3. Ignore their calls or block their number.

It might be tempting to answer your ex’s phone calls if you have a feeling that it could be important, but when you think about it, the two of you are no longer together so nothing they can say is important or relevant to your life anymore, especially if you already told them firmly not to contact you. If they continue to call you, call your cell phone service provider to block their number. However, if your ex continues to call you using different phone numbers, then you have to do the following.

4. Get a new number.

This is a drastic measure that should only be done if your ex keeps harassing you. Changing phone numbers and giving it only to the people you trust can save you the headache of having to deal with your ex’s unwelcome phone calls. When you give your number to those close to you, make sure you tell them not to give it to your ex.

5. Make your Facebook private and unfriend them.

Facebook, although a wonderful way to keep friends and family informed of your life, is a site that facilitates the contact from ex-partners. Give yourself a break and put your profile on private so they are not able to leave any comments on your wall. Disappearing from your ex’s radar can also benefit you since it will prevent you from seeing what is new in their life, explains New Jersey Singles. If necessary, remove them from your friends or even block them. You can also do the same with your ex’s friends, particularly those who hang out with your ex all the time. These are important measures to take if your ex keeps harassing you via Facebook.


6. Let authorities know if your ex crosses the line.

If your ex has a tendency of being angry, they might be the type to show up unexpectedly and make your day a bad one. When you’re at work and you think your ex might show up unexpectedly, you might want to alert security so they are not allowed on the premises. If you live in a building with a security guard, let them know that your ex is not permitted in the building. Although these might seem like harsh measures, if your ex is harassing you, this is the right thing to do.

An ex that can’t take no for an answer can go from irritating to downright scary. Never hesitate to reach out to the authorities and let them know what is going on if they ignore your warnings and continuously cross the lines. Be patient and stay strong if you want to move on. These helpful tips from New Jersey Singles will hopefully help you keep your ex from contacting you again and help you heal at the same time.

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