New Jersey Singles Reviews Why Men Fall Out of Love

Our matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles always talk about falling in love, but we never discuss why someone falls out of love. Basically, the concept that we all carry or is instilled about love is that love is always going to have a happy ending. A relationship would end only if either one of the partners did not have genuine feelings for the other.

These romantic movies and TV shows make us believe that no matter what happens in a relationship, no matter how much wrong a person does or how often they behave in an unacceptable way, love will conquer all. It doesn’t matter if a partner disrespects the other one, if the one mistreated loves their partner, they will make things work between the two of them. We all try to find these romantic fiction stories in our life.

Does this happen in the real world? No, this is not a practical thought. Everybody has their limits, and once they are done with their partner’s unhealthy behaviors, they will end up walking away. We want to believe that love is always about happy endings, rainbows and butterflies. However, our ego never lets us accept that the reason our relationships don’t work out is because of us.

Today, New Jersey Singles reviews the top reasons men fall out of love in a relationship.

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1. Being too clingy.

Men do not like women who keep breathing down their neck. They do not want a partner who will have no life of their own and will not let them have their own space to do as they want. Men need their personal space more so than women. A woman’s world can’t revolve around her boyfriend. He needs his social life and his freedom to do the things he loves.

2. Not feeling appreciated.

It is human nature that when we do something with all our heart and work hard towards something, we need appreciation. Appreciation acts as a push which makes us do even better the next time around. This is also applicable to relationships. When a man makes all the possible effort to keep his girlfriend happy in a relationship, he expects that to be appreciated. He secretly wants to hear some sweet words or some gestures that proves that his girlfriend is happy with him. When a man feels unappreciated or even gets the vibe of dissatisfaction from his girlfriend, he will walk away from the relationship.

3. Being dramatic.

Men like their partners to be fun and energetic. Men love women who choose to stay happy and maintain their natural energy and positive aura. As the relationship gets older, women tend to overanalyze everything. They create problems out of nothing and start a fuss which is unnecessary. Men complain about their girlfriends being too dramatic, and this is one of the top reasons they fall out of love. If you continue to overthink things, you will only end up sabotaging your relationship.

At the end of the day, you need to check yourself and see if what you’re doing is hurting your relationship. It is easy to point the finger at your boyfriend, but it is tough to realize that your actions need to be corrected. If you realize there are things you’re doing wrong, make a conscious effort to make positive relationship changes today.

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