New Jersey Singles Reviews What to do When He’s Family Doesn’t Like You

You’re crazy about the new guy in your life, and he’s crazy about you. You’re both deeply in love with each other and are ready to take the big step of meeting the parents. He wants you to meet them because he wants them to know how special and important you are to him.

You might be excited to meet the people who raised the new guy you’re dating. And you expect them to be excited to meet you too.

Then the unexpected happens. They don’t seem to be a fan of you. They may be cold and formal with you or even rude, but they are clearly telling you that they don’t think you’re right for their son.

Sometimes it’s just one person who doesn’t seem to like you, while other times the entire family doesn’t approve.

So what can you do if this is happening to you? Read on and find out how to turn things around as New Jersey Singles reviews what to do when his family doesn’t like you.

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  1. How important is your relationship?

Is it worth the hassle and time it will take for the family to come around with you? What if they never accept you? Are you willing to live with that for the rest of your life? If you really do love each other, that should be enough – family will come around eventually. And if they don’t, that’s okay too. That’s their problem, not yours. If the family not liking you is giving you second thoughts, take some time to think about it. But if you’re head over heels and see a future together, it’s time to do a few things to help them come around.

  1. Look at the bigger picture.

How often will you be around the family? Are they a weekly gathering type of family or can you get away with only going there for holidays and special events a few times a year? How bad is it when you’re there? You could probably manage the occasional get together, so long as you get some true love from your boyfriend. If, however, they are very rude to you, you’ll need to talk about a solution to this problem.

  1. Do your part.

Even if they’re determined not to like you, you can still do something positive to win them over. If nothing else, be polite when you’re in their house, and always be respectful. Maybe they’ve had bad experiences with other women their son used to date or maybe they’re living in the past and feel that his ex was the perfect woman for him. You might not feel welcome, but it is possible to act as if you’re happy to be there and to show them that you really want to be a part of the family. Even if you can’t win them over, you’ll feel better if you act this way. Plus, it will relieve some of your boyfriend’s stress.

  1. Talk to him.

If a man really cares for and loves you, he’ll want to protect you from hurt and do his best to see you happy, even if it means standing up to his family. Discuss what’s going on with him and see if you can come up with a solution to this problem. It could be that he knows his family well enough that the best he can do for you is to simply stand by your side. Let him know that you feel uncomfortable when you go to their house. Let him comfort you and be there for you during this difficult time, even if he’s not in the position to rectify things with his family.

If you aren’t feeling the love from his family, use these tips from our dating and relationship experts and do your best to sway their opinion and make them come around.

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