New Jersey Singles Reviews What Men Want in Relationships

Men are not as complicated as everyone makes them out to be. When it comes to relationships, their minds aren’t necessarily going to be all over the place. Their hearts aren’t going to be so rough and rowdy. Yes, it’s nice to fall in love with the flash of it all. It can be great to fall in love with someone in grand and fantastical ways. However, you can never lose sight of the basics and the essentials. You always want to make sure that you are with someone who you are always able to make happy.

At the end of the day, the perks are just perks. And when your love story is composed of only perks, then your relationship becomes unsustainable. Learn to really focus on the important things. Build a good foundation and try your best to make things work. Yes, it’s nice that you are always interested in making your boyfriend happy. But before all of the unnecessary pleasures, you really need to make sure that you have all the basics under control.

Today, New Jersey Singles reviews the top things men want in relationships.

single men in new jersey

  1. He wants open and honest communication.

He isn’t going to be the most skilled communicator on the planet, but that doesn’t mean that he isn’t going to try to be. And he’s going to want the same thing from you. He won’t want you to expect him to be a mind-reader. He will want you to be comfortable enough to go up to him to talk about anything.

  1. He wants a confident and self-assured woman.

He isn’t going to want to deal with the unnecessary drama of dating an immature woman. And that’s why he’s going to want to make sure that you are well put together. He will want you to be a woman who is capable of standing on her own two feet. He wouldn’t want you to be clingy to the point that you end up suffocating him. He wants to be with someone who is independent and capable of supplying her own happiness in life.

  1. He doesn’t want manipulation.

If you want something from him, tell him. If you want him to do something for you, ask him. Don’t go behind his back. Don’t be treating him like a tool for your manipulation. Don’t be coniving or go scheming against him. Respect him enough to be upfront about what you need from him and the relationship.

  1. He is going to want growth and maturity from the relationship.

He isn’t going to be happy with things staying put. He isn’t going to be okay with just being regular. He will always be wanting the relationship to grow, and you have to be able to show him that you are willing to grow with him.

  1. He wants loyalty and dedication.

He is going to expect you to be fully committed to the relationship. He is going to want complete dedication from you. He will want you to stay loyal to him all the time. He won’t want to worry about waking up one day and finding out that you’ve fallen in love with someone else. He needs to know that you’re really all his and that you’re fully happy with what you have together.

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