New Jersey Singles Reviews the Types of Men to Avoid Dating

Both genders are known to play very specific roles in their own lives and the lives of other people. For men, they are known to be fathers, sons, brothers and protectors, while a lot of men are expected to give into the practical expectations that society sets for them, this isn’t always going to be a good thing. A lot of men can get carried away with their roles and it can make for a very toxic and misogynistic relationship for women. So that’s why it would be in the best interest of the ladies to avoid dating this type of guys.

Today are New Jersey matchmakers are going to show you the worst men to avoid dating in NJ.

single men in new jersey

  1. The Father

Imagine dating your father. Gross, right? That’s essentially the guy you’re dating when you choose to fall in love with the father figure. He is going to want to limit your freedom as much as possible even though he says he’s doing it out of love. While usually, your boyfriend should share a romantic love with you, the father figure love is more paternal in nature. So if you’re okay giving up your freedom, date the father type.

  1. The Rebel

His damaged soul may seem very interesting at the beginning. His rebellious side and unique thoughts are always very interesting to you. But under all that mysteriousness is just another guy who feels lost and is having a hard time with life. If you’re really serious about falling in love with someone, make sure that it’s a man who at least has his life in order. You can’t afford to be dating someone who is still into Rage Against the Machine.

  1. The Hero

A lot of women are taught at very early ages to always wait for their knight in shining armor. It’s depicted in movies and stories where the damsel in distress is always left helpless to their situations. But that should no longer be the case today. Women shouldn’t wait for a hero to come to their rescue.

Sure, it would be great for you to date a guy who supports you and helps you whenever you need it. But you shouldn’t be dating someone who is going to do everything for you so you don’t have to lift a finger. That is only going to teach you how to be co-dependent and you never want to become that. You always want to be able to rely on yourself in some way.

  1. The Corporate Slave

Sure, he makes a lot of money at work, but is he going to be able to bring anything else to the table? Remember that money isn’t everything. Sure, you are going to be able to keep yourself busy with all the fancy things that your man buys you. But when all the material things are gone, what will be left in the relationship? While it is important to be financially stable in a relationship, it is just as important to be with someone who is able to engage and connect with you on an emotional level. The corporate slave will be too busy at work to even think about the relationship.

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