New Jersey Singles Reviews the Top Things Men Want in a Woman

To women, men come off as hard to understand. Men and women can never understand each other 100%. So when it comes to relationships, how do you know what he’s looking for in a woman? And more importantly, how can women know what men really want in a relationship? Now, of course, every man is different, and every person has different preferences in a partner. Some will like blondes, others have a long history of dating brunettes, some men prefer curvy over small while others prefer small, and some are fine with both body types.

Half of men out there will be very attracted to women who are loud, chirpy and make perfect social butterflies while other men will go for a woman who is quieter and shy.

So you are now wondering how can you know what men want in a relationship. Don’t worry, we are here to help you out.

Today, New Jersey Singles reviews the top four things men want in a woman.

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  1. A woman who appreciates them.

Men are attracted to women who understand them like no one else can. They really, really value a woman who appreciates them for who they are and what they do, who gives them real, not made up compliments. Men like feeling appreciated for their manners and their chivalry, their hard work and dedication to the relationship. They’re looking for someone who loves and understands them. To all the women reading this, try to appreciate your man for the things he does for you. Men want women to feel proud of them.

  1. A woman who respects them.

Great women respect themselves more than anyone else and automatically respect their man. They make sure that the man who is with them feels regarded in every situation. Men harbor a huge need to be deeply respected. They want to be taken seriously and paid attention to by their woman.

  1. A woman who isn’t controlling.

Most men will be happy to give and provide for the right woman. Men will take their time and do things their way, and if they’re given the needed space and time to get things right, they will do it willingly. But, bossing him around is one thing that will create resentment in the relationship. No one likes to be told what to do and when to do it.

Being controlling and bossy is toxic for the relationship; it makes him feel like he’s incapable of doing the things he’s supposed to do. It will also make him feel suffocated; he will end up giving up on the idea of a relationship with you. This doesn’t mean you should let him do whatever he wants in life. A man should listen to you when you voice your opinions. There’s a fine line between being bossy and just speaking up. Just make sure you’re not crossing the line.

  1. A woman who helps him become the best version of himself.

Men will know it when they are around a woman who makes them feel great about themselves. A woman who treats them in ways that make a man’s self-esteem go up and improve is what men are looking for in a partner.

So you see, it’s not that hard to provide what a man is looking for in a relationship. And as you can tell, it’s about your personality and the way you treat him, not your looks.

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