New Jersey Singles Reviews the Biggest Myths About Love

When it comes to love, our perception is often clouded by what we watch in romantic movies and on TV shows. Though love is rarely like a Hollywood movie, it’s wonderful just as long as you have realistic expectations and don’t expect it to look like it does in a movie.

Today, New Jersey Singles reviews and debunks the biggest love myths floating around today. If you previously believed in these, it’s time you stop.

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  1. Every moment is a happy one.

If you’re feeling unhappy in your relationship, you might question if it’s really true love. We have all grown up with the fairy-tale myth that if you’re really in love with someone, you should be happy all the time.

The reality is that there will be times when you are angry with your partner, and times when you won’t even want to see them. This doesn’t mean that you don’t love them, it just means that life is happening. You can’t expect every moment of your relationship to be smiles and hugs.

  1. You will be madly in love forever and ever.

Similarly, there’s a myth that you can be madly in love with your partner forever. The problem is that the feeling of being “in love” is induced by six very powerful hormones that wear off over time – anything from six months to two years. There will be times when you still get butterflies in your stomach, but those crazy in love feelings will no longer be there like they were in the beginning stages.

  1. There’s something wrong if you don’t miss them.

In the early stages of your relationship, it hurts to be apart from each other. Then one day, you’re at work fully absorbed, and you realize that you haven’t thought about them at all. Or maybe you are visiting family and you find that you’re relaxed and not feeling any pain from being away from your partner.

Does that mean you don’t love them anymore? Probably not. In fact, some experts will argue that it’s actually a sign that you’re secure in your relationship or marriage. Sure, you wish they were around, and you do miss them from time to time when they are not with you, but it’s not a nagging or painful feeling. You know what we call this? Security and confidence in your relationship.

  1. Your sexual desires for them never fade away.

It’s not realistic to think that your level of passion will stay the same as it was when you first started dating each other. In a heathy relationship, you still want passionate sex and want to make love to each other.

If you base your idea of love on the amount of passion in your relationship at the beginning, you are in for a surprise. Your hormones, moods, and other outside influences will play a role in how passionate you are and when.

You can’t expect every sexual encounter to be like the early stages of your relationship when everything was fresh and new. There will be days when you feel like cuddling on the couch with a good book or movie instead of getting busy between the sheets. That doesn’t mean you don’t love your partner anymore, it just means you’re comfortable in expressing your love in other ways.

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