New Jersey Singles Reviews Texting Habits That Will Make Him Lose Interest

Have you been talking to the guy you like lately? Have the two of you become something more than just friends? You’re probably texting him all the time, and it feels wonderful – not to mention reassuring. But have you been in a similar situation before only to have the guy ghost on you all of the sudden? You must not have seen it coming, and it happened for a reason.

Someone chooses to disappear on you after spending a certain amount of time in your company, and the curiosity to know why they couldn’t just say it to your face can really do a number on you. Sometimes, the answer is right in front of you, but because it is entirely unrealized right now, you can’t find a solution to the problem.

Today, New Jersey Singles reviews how your texting habits can make him lose interest in you. So get ready to learn where you’re going wrong with your text messages.

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  1. You start boring conversation.

Do you always start a conversation in the same way? Do you ask the same, predictable question every time you text him? Are you making it visible that you don’t have anything interesting or fun to say and that you’re just trying to keep the conversation going? Well, you need to stop that right now because it makes you look like you’re uninterested in the guy you like. This is a bad texting habit to have and can cost you the guy you like. It will make anyone want to leave because they will very quickly lose interest in you.

  1. You text him more than he texts you.

Wait for his replies before you send him another text. Wait for him to say something interesting. Give him some space and always keep the conversations fun. He will think you’re running after him whereas he should be the one chasing after you. Besides, he will probably lose track of everything you’re saying, and he’ll skip replying. Do yourself a favor and next time you can’t wait for his reply, or you can’t fight the urge to send another text, try and distract yourself with something else.

  1. You text when you know he’s busy.

You know he’s busy at a job meeting, family get together, or that he’s spending time with friends, yet you text him anyways. You make it evident that you’re not giving him space and that can rub someone the wrong way. People are different, some may not mind staying in touch all day long, but others will want some time off from texting during the day. They like texting when they’re less busy. If he falls in the second category, give him that time off and let him be himself, because, believe us, he will text you when he finds a good time to text you. Not stepping back a little and just blindly texting him can result in him losing interest in you.

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