New Jersey Singles Reviews How to Prove Your Love for Him

Looking for ways to let your man know how much you love and care for him?  As the leading matchmaking service in NJ, New Jersey Singles reviews many aspects of love and dating, and proving your love for someone is a very important aspect of a relationship.  Sometimes, even if you’re head over heels for someone, saying those three magic words isn’t enough.  Our expert matchmakers know there are many things you must do to prove your love.  After all, it is actions that speak louder than words.

Wanting to prove your love for your boyfriend is normal, but how can you show him how much he means to you?  Well, grand gestures and over-the-top romance can do the trick, but there are also subtle things that will have a huge impact on him.  The key is to think outside of the box and make it personal.

Get ready as New Jersey Singles reviews clever, fun, and simple ways to show your love for your boyfriend any day of the week.

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1. Say “I love you” Often

Yes, we know it might sound like we’re contradicting ourselves, since we said that actions speak louder than words, but hear us out for a second.  If you don’t tell your boyfriend that you love him, how is he supposed to know?  Telling him that you love him is a good place to start to show him just how much he means to you.

2. Listen to His Stories

Don’t just sit there wishing you were somewhere else, and never get distracted by your phone.  Instead, really take time to listen to your boyfriend’s stories and everything he has to say.  Repeat things back to him, smile, laugh, and add encouragement throughout to show him that you’re truly paying attention.  This will make him feel loved and cared for by you.

3. Prepare His Favorite Meal

Surprise him—out of the blue—with his favorite meal when he walks in the door.  Remember that it doesn’t have to be his birthday or an anniversary for you to do something special.  Set the table, light some candles, and create a romantic atmosphere for the two of you to connect after a long day.  Not only will he know how much you love him, but he’ll feel appreciated too.

4. Take Him to an Upscale Restaurant

This one is a great idea if you don’t like to cook at home or rarely have the time to make a good meal during the week.  Surprise your boyfriend by treating him to dinner at one of his favorite upscale restaurants.  And when he asks what the occasion is, simply tell him it’s because you love him.

5. Surprise Him for No Reason

Similar to the idea above, surprises can be just about anything.  The best thing about a surprise is that your boyfriend is going to know you were thinking about him for no reason at all.  Whether it’s a new cologne, a romantic outing for two, or tickets to a football game, you can’t go wrong with a surprise for no apparent reason.

6. Look After Him When He’s Feeling Down

It’s flu season here in New Jersey, so when your boyfriend is feeling sick or is upset about something, be there to look after him.  Bring him a blanket to cozy up, prepare him a delicious hot cocoa to warm up, and bring him his favorite snacks to reenergize.  These kind gestures will have him feeling better in no time.

7. Tell Him What You Love About Him

This tip will work wonders, especially when your boyfriend is dressed down.  He might be lounging around in his favorite sweatpants watching TV on the couch or perhaps he’s just walking in the door from the gym, which is the perfect time to give him a compliment.  Why?  Because he’s least expecting it.

8. Tell Him You Love His Flaws

Everyone has a flaw or two, or something they just don’t like about themselves.  Chances are, your man is no different.  If you want to prove to him how much you love him, tell him that you love his flaws.  This will make your boyfriend feel good about himself and let him know you love him despite his quirks or shortcomings.

9. Ditch Ladies’ Night for a Night In with Him

Nothing says “I love you” more than staying in with your boyfriend when you were supposed to do something with your gal pals.  Now, make sure you don’t complain or say you wish you were out with your friends.  Instead, let it be known that you’re enjoying every second with him.

10. Write Him a Love Letter

Handwritten letters were pretty cool back in school.  But guess what?  They still work wonders today.  You can write your boyfriend a heartfelt love letter professing your undying love for him.  He will appreciate this gesture in today’s tech-crazed world where handwritten notes are hard to come by.

11. Send Him an Occasional Text

Why not remind your boyfriend how much you love him by sending him an occasional text message during the day?  A text message doesn’t have to be a romantic declaration of love.  On the contrary, it can be something as simple as “I was thinking about you,” or “I hope you’re having a wonderful day.”

12. Encourage Him to Pursue His Dreams

Supporting and encouraging your boyfriend to pursue his goals and dreams shows him that you love him.  When you love someone, you want them to become the best they can be, and there’s no better way to do this than by encouraging him.

Our readers love our New Jersey Singles reviews and always look forward to the next dating blog from our experts.  So tell us, which one of these does your boyfriend love and appreciate the most?  What are some of the other ways you show your boyfriend just how much you love him?  Let us know on our Facebook page today!

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