New Jersey Singles Reviews How to Know if He Love You

It’s no secret that men and women express their love differently. A woman in a brand new relationship assumes her boyfriend isn’t in love with her and it’s all one sided, just because he hasn’t said those words yet.

But one important thing to keep in mind is that men often express their love in actions rather than by talking about their feelings – in fact those who come out with the “I love you” line too soon are likely not really in love are the player type who just want to get you to the bedroom.

Your guy may be one of those who don’t just come out and say what he feels. It will take a lot of time for him to come out and say it on his own. Don’t rush the process and let him come around when he’s ready. Be happy that he’s showing the signs without hurrying the pace.

Today our New Jersey matchmakers will show how to know if he does love you.

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  1. He makes you a priority in his life

Once he starts spending more time with you than he does with his buddies or family, you can pretty much bet that his thoughts are turning to love. He’ll show you love by placing you at the top of his priority list, his time, and his thoughts. He wants to be around you all the time and he won’t mind missing out a night with the guy just so he can spend more time with you.

  1. He takes you to meet his family

It’s a huge deal if he takes you around his family. It means he’s showing you off to those he loves the most, and he’s doing it without worrying about all the teasing he’s going to get from all his family members or the questions he’s about to get from his mother. He’s bringing you around to his family because he sees you as part of the family. This is a great sign.

  1. He makes you pat of his daily life

He wants you around and you’re now part of his everyday life. He might ask you to move in with him, or if he’s not ready for that step yet, suggest you keep staying at his place whenever you want. If you’ve got to this stage in your relationship, you’re probably comfortable there and have all the basics things to spend the night. He plans trips that include you and wants your opinion on movies he rents, things to eat, and other things he does every day of his life.

  1. He has time for you

There is no question, if you need him for anything, he’s always there. If you don’t overuse this, he will actually enjoy dropping everything to be with you and rescue you from anything you are facing. His time is planned around being with you, and he’ll make effort to make time for you every day even if it’s just for a phone call and not a real date.

  1. He acts like you’re already a committed couple

He uses the words “us” or “we” rather than “you” or “I” He refers the two of you as a couple for everything.  He introduces you as his girlfriend with no hesitation.

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