New Jersey Singles Reviews 6 Warning Signs of a Bad 1st Date

Not every first date will be good. There will be the one that got away, the evening you’d rather never talk about for the rest of your life, or the guy that made you cringe. However, there are times when you’re on the date and you’re not quite sure if this is going to be one to remember in a good way or not, and you may wonder whether to agree to go out again or whether he’s even likely to ask you.

Sometimes a first date starts out bad and then recovers fast and ends up being a wonderful date. But your date has one or more of these signs consistently during your time together, the first date was probably a disaster.

Are you ready to find out how your first date went?

Today, New Jersey Singles reviews the telltale warning signs of a bad first date.

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  1. Lack of Interest

If he’s more occupied with his phone, the menu, or people around him than he is with talking to you, things aren’t really going well. A good first date means he wants to get to know you and ask you a lot of questions, which means putting everything else aside so he can spend quality time with you. If he’s busy texting or on social media, responding to work emails, or taking phones calls, he’s not interested in you at all.

  1. Interrogation-like Dinner

While there will be many questions during a first date – as you need to get to know each other – it shouldn’t feel like you’re being interrogated by a police officer. If he sounds like he’s pulling out a list of mental questions and shooting them to you, it’s off-putting to say the least. Conversation should flow naturally and should be two-sided. It should never just be a barrage of questions from him.

  1. Many Silences

On a first date, you’re just getting to know each other, finding out what you both like, dislike, etc. Ideally, you shouldn’t run out of things to talk about. Even if there are quiet moments, they should be over fast. If you find all your questions answered with yes or no answers, he’s either not interested or doesn’t lead an interesting life, which is a turn off on its own. A first date should be fun, not filled with long, awkward silences.

  1. Lots of Criticism

Did he notice the way you look for the evening? Are you having a hard time with the place he picked to eat? Are you both finding it difficult to come up with anything positive to say about the date? Even if just one of you can’t come up with honest compliments, the date won’t go well. A first date should have many positive moments. If not, it wasn’t a good first date.

  1. Avoiding Physical Contact

At some point during a first date, there should be some type of physical contact. Even if it’s just an innocent welcome hug, touching his arm while he tells a funny story, holding hands, or simply brushing past you, you should have some sort of innocent touch on a first date. If he pulls away from you or is uncomfortable with you being close to him, he’s not interested in you.

  1. No Effort

If you find that he hasn’t put forth any effort to look good for the date and has put little thought into the date location itself, it’s a sign he isn’t particularly interested in you, or that he’s lazy and has no idea how to impress a woman. You might as well save yourself future frustration and move on and find someone who does put effort into the date and his appearance.

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