New Jersey Singles Reviews 5 Tips for Dating After a Breakup

It can be scary to get back into the dating scene after a hard breakup or divorce, but it’s not often as scary or as difficult as you think it is. As professional matchmakers, we’ve helped thousands of singles in New Jersey enter the dating scene after a breakup or divorce, and today we’ll share some of our favorite tips for reentering the dating scene to make it easier on you.

If you think you’re ready to hit the New Jersey dating scene again, here are some tips to help you take your first steps.

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  1. Be sure you are 100% ready.

You probably have well-meaning friends and family encouraging you to get back out there, but only you know when you’re ready to get out there and take the plunge. So with that being said, make sure you understand your feelings.

There is no time limit set in stone for how long you need to heal before jumping into the dating scene. You need to get over your ex enough to feel positive about the idea of dating again. It’s only once you’ve moved on from them that you can enjoy dating and pursue a loving relationship again.

  1. Get out and about.

Once you feel ready to start dating again, that’s exactly what you should do – get out there and start dating people. Go places where you’re likely to meet like-minded individuals. You don’t even have to look for a date, just try making new friends for now. Be open to conversation and ready for whatever comes your way, just don’t force it.

  1. Broaden your social circle.

It’s likely that your former circle of friends was the same one as your ex and you once shared, and it probably included a lot of people in relationships or marriages. With that being said, once you find yourself single, you’ll need to make new friends. You need more single people in your life. People who will understand what you are going through. Try to have or make at least one good friend in a similar position as you, someone who you can confide in and that will be willing to listen to you, someone that can then vent to you too.

  1. Don’t rush the process.

Take your time and learn the ropes of dating again, and learn to enjoy the process without rushing things along. It’s not like you’ll meet your new someone on the first try, so give it time. It’s possible that it could happen, but you’ll be less frustrated if you go into the dating scene knowing that it can take time to meet someone who’s right for you. You’re allowed to have a bit of fun as you go along, so take your time before you commit to someone long-term.

  1. Accept that the dating scene has changed.

You’ll need to be willing to admit that you may not know the new dating rules and dating scene anymore, especially if you’ve been in a long-term relationship or marriage for some time. This is where single friends can help out a lot. They can help you choose what to wear, give you dating tips on where to go meet single people, what to do on a date, what to talk about, what not to say, and so on. If your friends aren’t so helpful, you can always read some helpful articles that we share on our Facebook page. Read everything, and then make up your own mind about what is best for you.

If you’re single and ready to meet relationship-minded singles in NJ, contact our matchmakers and let us make things easy on you. Not only will we introduce you to like-minded singles, but we’ll provide you the one-on-one dating coaching and support you need to reenter the dating scene and find that special someone.

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