New Jersey Singles Dating – 14 Signs You’ve Got a Keeper!

When you think you have found the perfect man, it can be the beginning of the best time of your life. Everything seems so much better, especially when you have someone special to share your life with. But how can you know if the man you’re dating is really a keeper? Everyone has their own idea of what makes the perfect boyfriend, but our New Jersey Singles dating experts know there are some universal signs that will tell you you’ve finally found the one.

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  1. He Sticks to His Promises

Everyone has met a man who never does what he promises and always falls through on his word. Often times, these broken promises start out small but leave you unsure about him. If your boyfriend always sticks to his promises and follows through with what he says, then you can rest assured he is commitment-minded and ready for something serious.

  1. He Is Romantic at Heart

Many men tend to give up romance after they already land the woman. But if you have found a man who continues to show you his romantic side, even after several months of dating, then you’ve got yourself a keeper. Many men believe they should only use romance to woo a woman and completely stop after they accomplish their goal. A man who continues with romantic gestures is a man who cares about you and isn’t selfish.

  1. He Always Has Time to Be with You

A really great boyfriend is one who will dedicate time to be with you. It doesn’t matter how busy he is or how many things he has on his plate, he will clear his schedule and make it a priority to spend time with you. He will do this because he genuinely wants to be with you and knows how important it is to spend time quality time together.

  1. You Can Have a Good Time with Him

Fun and laughter come naturally when you are in the company of a good boyfriend. You will feel relaxed in his company and feel like you can let your guard down and have a good time. He knows how to make you laugh and you enjoy his sense of humor, just as he enjoys yours. Whenever the two of you are together, laughter is always on the menu.

  1. He Loves You for the Real You

A good boyfriend will appreciate you for the real version of you. With him, you never feel like you have to put up an act. He knows everything about you and loves you regardless, flaws and all. He accepts you for the real you and would never want to change you into someone you’re not.

  1. Your Family & Friends Approve of Him

You are happy to introduce your boyfriend to your group of friends and family members. He seems to get along fine with everyone and nobody has anything bad to say about him. Our New Jersey Singles dating experts know you don’t have to have the approval of your friends and family when you’re dating someone, but it’s always reassuring to know that the people close to you approve of your partner. It also shows that he’s willing to make the effort to get along with the people you love.

  1. He Is Always There When You Need Him

He hates to see you sad. And he is always there to support you when you have a bad day. It doesn’t matter how you feel, you know he is always there by your side to comfort you. A great boyfriend will never judge you either; he will just be by your side to help you through whatever you’re going through.

  1. You Can Rely on Him

You know that you can trust him with everything. Doubts never come into your mind when you are with him. You know when he says he loves you that he means it with all his heart. When he is out with friends you never have to worry because your gut instinct always tell you that you can trust him. And guess what? Gut instincts are always right.

  1. He Encourages You to Be the Best You Can Be

When two people work well together, they bring out the best in each other, which is what a good boyfriend will do for you. He will encourage you to pursue your hobbies, advance in your career, and support you when things go wrong. The two of you work well as a team and it feels like you can accomplish anything together.

  1. He Has Dreams & Goals

A great boyfriend won’t be one who sits around home complaining and moaning about how he doesn’t have any luck. He will have his own dreams and aspirations and will actively pursue them. A man who has ambitions in life is a keeper.

  1. He Knows How to Communicate with You

A great boyfriend loves talking to his girlfriend, but more importantly, he is there to understand you and hear you out when you need him.

  1. He Is Interested in Your Life

A great boyfriend will ask you things about your everyday life. He is interested to hear about your childhood, your work day, and other things that interest you.

  1. He Knows How to Compromise

He is willing to go shopping with you, even if he hates going to the mall. He knows how much you enjoy romantic movies and takes you to see them, even though they make him cringe. He compromises because he knows it makes you happy.

How many of these qualities does your boyfriend have? If he has most of them, then you know you have yourself a keeper.

If you’re ready to find yourself a keeper, a partner with all the qualities mentioned above, don’t hesitate to contact one of our expert matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service today. We have a large database of single men and women who are also serious about settling down.









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