New Jersey Singles Complaints – The Challenges of Dating After Divorce

New Jersey Singles reviews complaints from real people in the divorced dating world and provide helpful tips to overcome those very real challenges.

Think nothing can be more stressful than experiencing a divorce? Think again. What many local NJ singles are experiencing is a lot of anxiety from being recently separated and starting to date again.
Jumping into the dating scene after a divorce does not only involve stepping out of one’s comfort zone, but having a positive attitude as well. Singles who are able to embrace a healthy mindset and follow a few basic rules will eliminate challenges and complaints, and be successful when dating after divorce. People expect, especially later in life, that dating is going to be the same as they experienced it during their earlier years… And when they enter the dating scene, they find a much different dating pool, explains New Jersey Singles, New Jersey’s finest upscale dating service.

The pool is completely different; people now have different experiences and real stress to deal with, and the first thing that will change will be their mindset. But even though things have changed, both in their relationship and the dating world, meeting new people doesn’t have to be an anxiety-filled process. Today, New Jersey Singles reviews essential tips that will help recently divorced singles date with ease.

Get in Touch with Yourself

Before ever going out on a date, New Jersey Singles advises everyone get in touch with their single lifestyle. The matchmakers encourage singles to explore new interests, cultivate a healthy lifestyle, and even renew their wardrobe. The first step is getting back to the basics and figuring out what you’re passionate about. You should feed your spirit and get in touch with your inner self. It can be very overwhelming to only focus on yourself at first, but this is the most important thing you can do before reentering the dating world again.

Get More Singles Friends

Finding a group of single friends is the next step if you don’t have too many. That’s right, if you don’t have them, go get them. Going out with a group of friends is a great way to improve your confidence and adapt to your new single lifestyle. If most of your friends are married and you’re having a hard time meeting like-minded singles, New Jersey Singles recommends joining a local group or club based on your favorite interests, or even join networking events. If you’re still struggling to meet like-minded singles in your area, consider joining a professional dating and matchmaking service.

Never Rush

If you have not been able to move on past your former spouse and are currently experiencing anger or thoughts about your former marriage, then you may not be ready to date again. You’ll know you’re ready when you are able to talk about your ex without having to put them down.


Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Today’s new technology can make dating feel very confusing—texting, online chatting, Skyping, instant messages—all that can really stress someone out, especially someone who isn’t used to it, which reinforces many people’s fears and beliefs that dating is very difficult. While you shouldn’t feel overwhelmed by the new rules of technology in the dating scene, it might help to educate yourself on new developments so you can text potential dates with confidence. Don’t be too shy to ask others for help, especially if you’re struggling with all the new advances in technology.

Don’t Get Down When Things Don’t Go as Planned

Dating always comes with the chances that it might not work out the way you want it to, but by viewing dating as practice, you can minimize the stress and anxiety you’ll feel when things don’t go as planned. New Jersey Singles encourages you to try maintaining a positive mindset. Remember that things will be just fine, but that you might have to kiss a lot of frogs before you’ll find that Mr. or Mrs. Right.

Fake It Until You Achieve It

Although you don’t have to jump into the dating pool if you’re not 100% ready, if it has already been a year and you’re still afraid of a first date, then now might be the time to adopt that famous fake it until you make it attitude. This type of strategy will help you boost your dating confidence. If you pretend to be confident, it will make you feel confident. First you act, then you feel it, it’s that simple.


Don’t Share Too Many Details

You want your date to see you for all the things that make you the person you are, not just someone who has recently come out of a divorce. Save your sad stories for when the two of you have already built a connection. The last thing you want to do is give your date the impression that you’re not over your divorce and not ready to date again, explains New Jersey Singles.

Do Some De-Stressing Before Each Date

First date jitters can be nerve-wracking for everyone, not just for those who have just come out of a divorce. But you can minimize those jitters by making sure that you don’t come across as nervous, and this can be done by doing some preparation before each date. Take a moment to calm down, take a few deep breaths and envision your date going just like you planned it. Spend some time imagining the date being what you wanted it to be rather than all the things you’re afraid of.

Don’t Be Afraid to Take Risks

Dating can bring out your worst fears of the unknown, causing you to hold back instead of giving it your all. Once you’re able to get back on your feet and start loving the single life you live, then it will be time to focus solely on dating.

Ask yourself a question: Do you like your life the way it is now or are you just looking for someone to fill the void? You should be dating from a place of opportunity, rather than out of fear. To get past the fear of putting yourself out there, New Jersey Singles wants you to try looking at each date as an opportunity of discovering rather than trying to find the perfect partner. This way you’ll focus on your own needs, which will make dating less stressful. When you’re able to adopt that strategy, you’ll be able to find someone who truly meets your needs and positively contributes to the life you live.

If you’re looking to meet quality singles in New Jersey, contact New Jersey Singles Dating Service and let them help you reenter the dating world with ease. The matchmaking professionals will take time getting to know you, your lifestyle, and your wants and needs in a partner, then only introduce you to like-minded singles who are a good fit for you.



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