Colts Neck Matchmakers Unveil What You Must Stop Doing During 1st Dates

There a lot of New Jersey singles complaints stemming from mistakes that occur during first dates. Today, our Colts Neck matchmakers from New Jersey Singles Dating Service will reveal the things you must never do during your first dates if you want to be successful.

So you’re heading out on a first date and you want to win them over, right? If so, then we want you to focus on having a good time and make sure you avoid the things our Colts Neck matchmakers are about to reveal for you today.
Every first date you go out on is potentially the last first date you’ll ever have to go out on. It only takes a few seconds to decide if you want to see the person again and it only takes them a few seconds to decide if you’re the right person for them. With that being said, you need to make sure you leave a good first impression each and every time; after all, just because they invited you on a first date doesn’t mean they’ll invite you on a second one.


Things You Must Avoid Doing During Your First Date

Of course this is easier said than done, and often times, people can fall into bad habits without realizing it, habits that are turning people off. So what are some of these dating habits you want to avoid? Today, our Colts Neck matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service will reveal a few little annoyances that can completely turn off your date.

Picking an Extravagant Date Place

We know it can often be tempting to try something completely different during a first date, something like mini-golfing or water skiing, but the problem with some of these dates is that they don’t give you the chance to talk to your date. Yes, you might come off as creative and adventurous, but you won’t get a chance to talk to them. Not having the right amount of time and atmosphere to talk makes it very difficult to make a connection with them, which makes it very difficult to land a second date.

Making Complicated Plans

Another thing to avoid if you are the person in charge of setting up the first date, is making things too complicated. Yes, it might be nice to go see a movie, then go out to eat and for a walk on the beach, but you might find that by the time you’re done eating your meal, the two of you have nothing in common. Instead, why don’t you plan a simple date with just two activities? If you find that at the end of those activities you want to keep on going, then you can go somewhere else, but at least there is no pressure if you both want to leave.

Showing Up Late

Okay, there might be a dating rule that said being fashionably late is acceptable, but our Colts Neck matchmakers urge you not to buy into it. This is your first date and you want to leave a good first impression. You want to be seen as reliable, not as someone who is flaky. Being on time will help your date realize that they are worthy of your time and that you’re a respectful person. If you show up 15 minutes late, there is a good chance your date will already have left because they thought you were standing them up.

Revealing Too Much Skin

Okay, we might sound like your mom here, but seriously, you need to start covering yourself up, ladies. It might be tempting to reveal as much skin as possible, but if you do, you must realize that’s all your date is going to see you for. There is a good rule and principle every woman should follow on a date: either legs out or chest, but never reveal them both. You can show a little cleavage, but you need to cover up your legs. Or, if you choose to show your legs, then you need to cover up your chest. By only showing one part of your body at a time, you look balanced out and your date has to use their imagination.


Doing Stalking

Okay, you know it’s true. As soon as you found out your date’s last name, you were right there on Facebook doing a little research. There is nothing to be ashamed of because everyone does it; however, bringing up your date’s high school or mentioning their pet’s name before they’ve even told you might seem a little weird. There is nothing wrong with doing your own research; however, you should never bring it up, especially on a first date.

Not Putting Your Best Foot Forward

It can be easy in the hours and days leading up to the first date to become worried about leaving a good first impression. People find themselves freaking out and becoming nervous, nervous about things like what to wear, talk about, and so on, you shouldn’t let these things consume you. Sure, pick a nice outfit and be prepared, but know that things usually flow naturally and work themselves out once you meet and the ice has been broken. Our Colts Neck matchmakers want you to take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy your date.

Judging Too Quickly

They say that within the first few seconds of meeting someone you’ve already made your opinion about them, but our Colts Neck matchmakers don’t want you to let that opinion stop you from getting to know them. You cannot know everything about a person within the first few seconds of meeting them and it’s not fair to judge someone that quickly. Try giving them a chance; you never know if the person is having a bad day or they’re nervous about the date. Wouldn’t you want a second chance if you were feeling nervous?


Not Paying Attention in Conversation

A lot of times, you will find yourself drifting away when your date is talking, but a first date isn’t the place to do this. It doesn’t matter if they are boring you to death, you need to give them your undivided attention until the date is over. Otherwise, you have not given them a fair chance. It wouldn’t be nice if your date was not listening to you while you were talking, so try remembering that.

Enjoy yourself and have a good time, and don’t forget to exclude these things from your first date. Once you’re able to remember the things you need to avoid doing, your first dates should start going a lot smoother.

If you’re looking to meet compatible singles in Colts Neck, contact our matchmaking professionals at New Jersey Singles Dating Service and let us help you find quality dates!

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