New Jersey Singles Dating Gurus | 9 Ways Men Can Improve Dating Luck

Despite your recent luck in the New Jersey dating scene, we know there are a few things you can do to drastically improve your chances with women in the dating world. While no men are born equal, some are just more charismatic and charming than others. But even if you don’t fall into that category, there’s no reason you, too, can’t be lucky when it comes to love! Today, our expert matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service will teach you how to charm any woman. new jersey singles reviews

       1.  Wear a Nice Cologne

Do you know that your sense of smell is one of your most sensitive senses? It’s true, and you can probably recall certain smells from all the way back in your childhood years. Why not give your date a pleasant surprise by spritzing a unique cologne that is fit for you, your signature, if you will. She’ll smell your amazing scent from far away, before she even sees you. Choose a cologne that fits your character. Now, this means you must put in the efforts to select the right type of cologne that goes with your body scent and personality. Don’t just pick a bottle based on what it looks like from the outside, pick the right scent for you.

  1. Be Generous

Little acts of generosity will take you a long way in the dating world. Don’t panic, this doesn’t mean that you always have to pick up the bill to expensive restaurants or offer to take her whole group of friends out for a night on the town. Small acts of generosity, like tipping the wait staff well or treating the taxi driver right, will win you brownie points in her eyes. Generosity can be shown in many ways, including showing up to her house with her favorite dessert. Again, it doesn’t have to be extravagant gifts, just little acts of kindness will leave a good impression on her.

  1. Listen to Her

If there is one thing women can’t stand about men it’s when they go on and on, talking to no end, especially about themselves. Our New Jersey Singles dating gurus encourage you to engage in conversation by asking her questions and listening to her while she talks. Most women love being listened to. To instantly make her feel appreciated, make an effort to listen to what she has to say (even if she’s talking about the dress she saw today or her annoying boss at the office). But don’t just listen, show her you’re paying attention by giving her advice or words of encouragement. Now, that’s how you get to her heart!

  1. You Must Shave

There is nothing wrong with a healthy beard; after all, some guys can really pull it off. However, there are some men who look raggedy and unkempt, and that is not good when it comes to dating. Our New Jersey Singles dating gurus want you to embrace a clean shaven look—trust us, you’ll see how many heads turn your way.

  1. Get the Right Hairstyle

Ask any woman out there and they will tell you that the right hairstyle will make you or break you. It is the difference between getting a date and not getting one. Go to your local salon and ask them what type of hairstyle would fit your look. Your hairstyle can say a thousand words without you having to open your mouth. A new haircut can also make a significant different in your confidence, and nothing will be sexier on you than confidence while hitting the New Jersey dating scene this summer.

  1. Have Manners

Going out with a man who doesn’t know how to behave appropriately is every woman’s nightmare. Cursing loudly in restaurants and not turning your cell phone off while at dinner or movies will surely repel any woman away. You need to learn your manners and behave respectfully with her and everyone around you. Having manners will instantly make you more attractive. Don’t spit, don’t burp, and don’t curse. Hold doors for her, help her be seated, and offer your jacket on a chilly night. Prove that chivalry isn’t just for Hollywood movies.

  1. Roll up Your Sleeves

It’s normal for men to wear long sleeve dress shirts on a first date; after all, your number one goal is to leave a good first impression. But although long sleeve dress shirts make you look smart, they may also make you look a little too seriously, a little humdrum, if you will. Our New Jersey Singles dating gurus encourage you to roll up your sleeves to look a little more casual, which will help her feel more at ease and allow her to open up to you more. Plus, looking smart casual is a great look, and it’s proven to charm many women.

  1. Don’t Wear Too Much Jewelry

Most men don’t look right wearing a lot of jewelry, so please put away that leather cuff and braided necklace, unless you’re a professional surfer. A nice watch is all you need to look presentable here. It will show her that you have style and class. Don’t overdo the jewelry by wearing excessive amounts of bracelets—and earrings and big shiny necklaces are major no-no’s as well. If you’re a necklace man, simplicity is key when it comes to necklaces, so keep that in mind. A nice belt, a clean pair of shoes and a watch and you’re all set to go.

  1. Have Good Posture

The difference between being successful at dating or failing miserably is your confidence. Good posture will generally make you appear more confident in any situation. Furthermore, having the right posture will make you look taller, giving her a sense of security and making you look more appealing. You might think that slouching will hide your belly, but it’s actually doing more harm than good. Nothing screams insecurity like having bad posture, so keep that in mind on your next date. There is no one magic trick out there that can make you look more attractive; however, if you follow our New Jersey Singles dating gurus’ advice and put in some efforts this summer, you’ll soon become appealing in women’s eyes. These tips will transform you into the man women want to be with, so make sure you follow each and every one of them if you want to have luck in love this summer! If you’re looking to meet quality women in New Jersey, contact our expert matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles and let us help you find the one!


New Jersey Singles Dating Service Reviews Signs You’re Desperate for a Relationship

Today, our NJ matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service will unveil the top singles complaints on dating and relationships.

A good relationship can improve your confidence, help you dream bigger for the future, and energize you, but when you’re single, obsessing over finding the perfect relationship can do the opposite. It can destroy your ego, distract you from your work, and it can drain you. Today, our NJ matchmakers will review signs you’re thinking about relationships way too much.


You Take Your Dog Out, Even When He’s Tired

When your dog is obviously exhausted from walking in the park and is clearly ready to go back home, you parade him around for another half an hour just to see if you can find an attractive single man. You do this in hopes of finding a love connection, but it never really works.

You Asked to Be Set Up on Dates

You reach out to couples and friends and ask them if they have anyone they can set you up with. Keep in mind, if your friends know you’re actively searching for someone and they had someone they thought you would click with, they likely would have already set you up with them by now. If you’re always bugging your friends to set you up, back off a little and give it a break.

You Don’t Go If There Aren’t Single Men

Before going anywhere, you always ask the people hosting the event if there will be single men around. If not, you skip it in favor of a more singles friendly event, even if it means not going to your best friend’s birthday dinner.

You Have Joined Several Dating Sites

All you can think about is finding a relationship right away so you sign yourself up for internet dating. Now, we know that managing two dating sites can take up your entire day, so if you got a little carried away and signed up on several internet dating sites, your brain could literally feel like it’s being flooded.

You Examine Every Co-Worker Romantically

Hey there! Yeah, it’s you we’re talking to. Get back to your office and get to work. You shouldn’t be checking out your coworkers as potential romantic interests. You should be reviewing your marketing strategy or your upcoming presentation you have coming up within the next hour. Get back to work and leave your romantic thoughts about your coworkers out of it.


You Pick Your Gym Based Only on Singles

You spend extra money just as long as you go to the gym that has the most single men. You’re known for hanging out there, even for a half hour after finishing your session. You do this in hopes of someone chatting you up while getting a drink at the fountain, don’t you?

You Find Out If Someone Is Single Right Away

If you meet an interesting man and are having a conversation with him, your first mission is to find out whether or not he is single. And if you don’t, you do whatever it takes to find him online and utilize any little piece of information he has given you. Seriously, he is the FedEx man at your office, stop it!

You Tune Out Unless It Has to Do Dating

When people are talking to you, it doesn’t matter who it is, you’re pretty much zoned out unless it has something to do with dating. The only thing you care about is where to meet single men and how to meet them now. Our NJ matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service want you to stop zoning out and start paying attention to those around you. If you continue to zone out, you’re going to start losing friends and great opportunities in your life.


You Keep Man Food in Your Fridge

Just in case a man al the sudden pops into your life, you’re already prepared. You have steaks, beers, and guy food everywhere. Why do you do this? You need to start living your life for you, for the present. Our NJ matchmakers know if you’re jumping this far ahead already, even when you do meet a man your over eagerness is going to come off as desperation, which is surely going to scare him off.

You Pick Out Girlfriend Outfits

When you start getting dressed in the morning, the first thing you do is imagine how that outfit will look when you finally meet a man to go alongside of you.

You’re Even Thinking about Some of Your Friends

All the sudden you’re thinking about how good it would be to be with one of your close friends. You start imagining taking things up a notch and visualizing the relationship with them. Our NJ matchmakers know mixing friendships and romance can lead to a dangerous territory, and we don’t want you to ruin a great friendship.

Your Friends Have to Wait While You Go on Flirting

You make your close friends (who are exhausted from a day at the office and clearly want to go home) accompany you to the bar just so you can go and flirt with single men.

You’re Thinking about Changing Jobs So You Can Meet More Men

You don’t think there are enough single men where you work, so now you have taken matters into your own hands and are searching male saturated industries so you can fill out your application and get to working there right away. Wow, really? This is going way overboard. Take a deep breath and relax; you’ll find your Prince Charming when the time is right, but our NJ matchmakers know you’re never going to find him when you’re coming off as so desperate.

You’re Trying to Reach Out to Your Exes

You are so desperate to be in a relationship that now you’re risking getting your heart broken by reaching out to your ex who cheated on you. If you have gotten this bad, it means wanting to be in a relationship has taken over your life.

You Hang Out with Women Who Are Already in Relationships

You have decided that the best way for you to meet good men is by hanging out with your friends who are already married in hopes they can introduce you to male friends. Now, you have stopped giving your singles friends attention and only hang out with the ones who are taken.

If you noticed you do any of the things above, especially if you do many of them, our NJ matchmakers want you to stop and relax for a minute. You have gotten carried away with dating and relationships and need to take a step back and work on yourself. If you’re not satisfied and content without being a relationship, it means you’re not truly happy with yourself. There are a lot of things you can do to improve your chances of finding love, all starting with improving yourself. Our NJ matchmakers encourage you to start making changes with your life, things that will improve your self-esteem and make you a happier person in general. Once you are happy and love yourself, then, and only then, can you move on to find someone else to love you.

Once you are happy with yourself, our matchmaking professionals will be here to help you find your Prince Charming. We’ll give you the guidance, support, and dating coaching you need to be successful in a long term relationship.



new jersey singles reviews

New Jersey Singles Complaints – The Challenges of Dating After Divorce

New Jersey Singles reviews complaints from real people in the divorced dating world and provide helpful tips to overcome those very real challenges.

Think nothing can be more stressful than experiencing a divorce? Think again. What many local NJ singles are experiencing is a lot of anxiety from being recently separated and starting to date again.
Jumping into the dating scene after a divorce does not only involve stepping out of one’s comfort zone, but having a positive attitude as well. Singles who are able to embrace a healthy mindset and follow a few basic rules will eliminate challenges and complaints, and be successful when dating after divorce. People expect, especially later in life, that dating is going to be the same as they experienced it during their earlier years… And when they enter the dating scene, they find a much different dating pool, explains New Jersey Singles, New Jersey’s finest upscale dating service.

The pool is completely different; people now have different experiences and real stress to deal with, and the first thing that will change will be their mindset. But even though things have changed, both in their relationship and the dating world, meeting new people doesn’t have to be an anxiety-filled process. Today, New Jersey Singles reviews essential tips that will help recently divorced singles date with ease.

Get in Touch with Yourself

Before ever going out on a date, New Jersey Singles advises everyone get in touch with their single lifestyle. The matchmakers encourage singles to explore new interests, cultivate a healthy lifestyle, and even renew their wardrobe. The first step is getting back to the basics and figuring out what you’re passionate about. You should feed your spirit and get in touch with your inner self. It can be very overwhelming to only focus on yourself at first, but this is the most important thing you can do before reentering the dating world again.

Get More Singles Friends

Finding a group of single friends is the next step if you don’t have too many. That’s right, if you don’t have them, go get them. Going out with a group of friends is a great way to improve your confidence and adapt to your new single lifestyle. If most of your friends are married and you’re having a hard time meeting like-minded singles, New Jersey Singles recommends joining a local group or club based on your favorite interests, or even join networking events. If you’re still struggling to meet like-minded singles in your area, consider joining a professional dating and matchmaking service.

Never Rush

If you have not been able to move on past your former spouse and are currently experiencing anger or thoughts about your former marriage, then you may not be ready to date again. You’ll know you’re ready when you are able to talk about your ex without having to put them down.


Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Today’s new technology can make dating feel very confusing—texting, online chatting, Skyping, instant messages—all that can really stress someone out, especially someone who isn’t used to it, which reinforces many people’s fears and beliefs that dating is very difficult. While you shouldn’t feel overwhelmed by the new rules of technology in the dating scene, it might help to educate yourself on new developments so you can text potential dates with confidence. Don’t be too shy to ask others for help, especially if you’re struggling with all the new advances in technology.

Don’t Get Down When Things Don’t Go as Planned

Dating always comes with the chances that it might not work out the way you want it to, but by viewing dating as practice, you can minimize the stress and anxiety you’ll feel when things don’t go as planned. New Jersey Singles encourages you to try maintaining a positive mindset. Remember that things will be just fine, but that you might have to kiss a lot of frogs before you’ll find that Mr. or Mrs. Right.

Fake It Until You Achieve It

Although you don’t have to jump into the dating pool if you’re not 100% ready, if it has already been a year and you’re still afraid of a first date, then now might be the time to adopt that famous fake it until you make it attitude. This type of strategy will help you boost your dating confidence. If you pretend to be confident, it will make you feel confident. First you act, then you feel it, it’s that simple.


Don’t Share Too Many Details

You want your date to see you for all the things that make you the person you are, not just someone who has recently come out of a divorce. Save your sad stories for when the two of you have already built a connection. The last thing you want to do is give your date the impression that you’re not over your divorce and not ready to date again, explains New Jersey Singles.

Do Some De-Stressing Before Each Date

First date jitters can be nerve-wracking for everyone, not just for those who have just come out of a divorce. But you can minimize those jitters by making sure that you don’t come across as nervous, and this can be done by doing some preparation before each date. Take a moment to calm down, take a few deep breaths and envision your date going just like you planned it. Spend some time imagining the date being what you wanted it to be rather than all the things you’re afraid of.

Don’t Be Afraid to Take Risks

Dating can bring out your worst fears of the unknown, causing you to hold back instead of giving it your all. Once you’re able to get back on your feet and start loving the single life you live, then it will be time to focus solely on dating.

Ask yourself a question: Do you like your life the way it is now or are you just looking for someone to fill the void? You should be dating from a place of opportunity, rather than out of fear. To get past the fear of putting yourself out there, New Jersey Singles wants you to try looking at each date as an opportunity of discovering rather than trying to find the perfect partner. This way you’ll focus on your own needs, which will make dating less stressful. When you’re able to adopt that strategy, you’ll be able to find someone who truly meets your needs and positively contributes to the life you live.

If you’re looking to meet quality singles in New Jersey, contact New Jersey Singles Dating Service and let them help you reenter the dating world with ease. The matchmaking professionals will take time getting to know you, your lifestyle, and your wants and needs in a partner, then only introduce you to like-minded singles who are a good fit for you.